Santiago PliegoPM & Designer | Co-founder @ConsignCloud

What is the best free icon manager for designers?

I'm looking for a tool to help me manager the different sets of icons that we use in our products.
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    File hide in folders, visuals live in Lingo

    Ahmed SulaimanProduct Lead @ Pitch · Written
    If by word "manage" you mean structure, organize, share and distribute icons or assets across the team – I'd say Lingo is the best tool for this purpose.
    Caitlin BolnickStartup gal turned software VC · Written
    I'm a huge fan of Noun Project.
  2. Mac and Windows
    Arthur EudelineWeb developer and proven technophile · Written
    Multiplatform, free, you can sink your SVG library with all your devices by moving the library folder into a drive like Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox, ... you can organize your icon sets by folder and subfolder, rename icons or add a description to make them easier to find and, the most powerful, you can export a selection of icons to a project et export it as SVG, Web icon font (just awesome and useful !!!), ...
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    Vector only UI design

    Jacopo LupiUX Designer @ Dollaropath · Written
    Maybe banal… I use different Sketch files for different icons. Same file and different pages for sets or iterations of the same icon.
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    Organize, clean and transform your SVGs

    Sheik MohaideenProduct Designer at • · Written
    Its one of the best app with clear interface with nice copy options!
  5. IconsetIconset App · Written
    Free, cross platform, and icons cloud syncing