AI powered dashboard with automatic insights from your team

Hannah White
Hannah White16Marketing Manager · Written
I'd try Tonkean. It's a great way to manage remote teams. You would set up a workflow in Tonkean and where normal automation stops, that's where Tonkean makes a difference. It corresponds with and requests information from your team. As the owner (or participant) of a certain workflow, you'll see every moving piece of the puzzle, because Tonkean keeps this information in that respective workflow. For example, what happened to Project A that Hannah was working on. Go in to the Project A workflow in Tonkean and see the latest status updates from both Tonkean, Hannah and whoever else (or whatever else) was involved. Tonkean also works via your favorite communication tools (Slack, Teams or email) so your team never even needs to login to the web browser application. But, they can! And there's a user-friendly mobile app that's great to stay updated on the go. Tonkean was built to execute tasks, communicate with your team, monitor your workflows and support you in being the best manager you can be. No matter what you manage - projects, people or workflows - it can be optimized and scaled in Tonkean. I'd definitely check it out. https://tonkean.com/rpa/