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What's a good way to share articles and comment on them with a group of people, in private?

Is there a product that allows adding comments in context (as in Google Docs and Medium) directly on a web page and have them visible only to a specific group of people? Here is what I am doing now when I want to have a conversation with my team on a specific article: 1. Copy the entire article content and paste it in a Google Docs file. 2. Give a heads-up to the team on Slack. 3. Folks read the article in Google Docs and add comments in context. 4. Nobody thinks of returning to the article for new comments and Google Docs doesn't send notifications for new comments and updates. Not ideal. This was a thing some 10+ years ago, with browser sidebar add-ons, but I can't think of a decent one that still out there today. Thanks for your suggestions!
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    Gabriel Radicproduct guy, dad, entrepreneur · Written
    It's pretty much what I was looking for. Nice find, me! 😼
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    Available as a Chrome extension or a bookmarklet for other browsers, allows you to highlight and annotate parts of a web page, and either share your annotations publicly, in a private group, or keep them to yourself. The web pages annotated are ordered by date in the interface, and can be filtered with the tags used in the annotations themselves. It doesn’t provide a way to notify your team when you annotate a web page, as far as I know, so you’d still have to use Slack for that. I haven’t used it a lot yet, but it seems to do the job. It’s not a perfect fit for your need, but probably one of the closest right now.
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    Be less busy. Real-time messaging, archiving & search.

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    Slack has grown into a behemoth of a company. It has a very good web based view that allows you to collaborate with your team(s) and add/share files, as you request. You can then comment on them in private as the Slack conversations work on an invite only basis. Primarily a messaging platform, but can work well for your scenario. You noted in your question details that you are already using Slack, so why not use that the whole way?
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    Jonathan JamesAlways Reaching. · Written
    For serious privacy features and, to use your own actual server for the platform being hosted, I would suggest ; It's served over private servers.. can't get any more security than that.. I mean.. You could literally start your own Mastodon instance and then only invite people you want and have all the features of Mastodon baked-in by forking @ From what I see you can't get anymore private than that - communication happening on a server you physically own... However, if you aren't familiar with how to secure your own private server, then this is not an option for you... But, you could essentially just pay to secure your own private physical server in your home/elsewhere if you're trying to be serious about your security.
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    Ayush MittalHead Of Digital Communications · Written
    If you're happy to pay, try Declara. We had it earlier to organise content to be posted categorically and discuss specific issues in hand related to a topic. Later, we found it expensive for us and moved to an in-house (not-that-featureful, but private) solution.
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    Gabriel Radicproduct guy, dad, entrepreneur · Written
    Very nice indeed but pricey.
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    Product PearsonProduct Manager @ Property4Media · Written
    We used this when I was a finalist in The Startup Games in London. It allowed us to have access to a social network that only we could see. We could share documents, and it was pretty similar to Facebook in terms of functionality. You could then create sub groups so that particular teams could work together. It worked very well and was on an invite basis.
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    RozBahramiDigital Media Manager, Skyprep · Written
    I highly suggest you look into BoostHQ. Share any content by uploading or by shareable link and share it into specific channels that have specific team members invited to the channels. Channels can be private (only people in that channel can view the content) or public. Comment, bookmark, like or even create a poll or checklist on the content piece!