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Elizabeth Mayfield
Elizabeth Mayfielddigital marketing at BlackBetty

What's the best yoga app?

I currently use Fitstar Yoga, but feel it's more fitness focused than a combination of fitness and spiritual. Keen to hear people's thoughts!
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    Yoga Studio

    Hours of great yoga videos or build your own

    Joe d'Elia
    Joe d'EliaDigital product maker Β· Written
    Really like this app. There are all kinds of sessions and the videos explain the movements very well.
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    5 minute "body weight" video workouts you can do anywhere

    Ayush Mittal
    Ayush MittalHead Of Digital Communications Β· Written
    My girlfriend uses this and I find it pretty cool with stuff more than yoga 😊
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    KateMarketer; prev Product Hunt, GitHub Β· Written
    YogaGlo is by far my favorite yoga app. They record classes with the most kickass instructors from around the nation in a variety of styles and time options. It makes it feel like you're actually at a yoga class (with the spiritual aspects I think you're looking for). Personally, Kathryn Budig is my favorite instructor on the site.
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    Nike HyperAdapt 1.0

    Self-lacing running shoes

    I've noticed NTC has really been pushing their yoga content lately (which consists of 17 routines at the time of writing). And it's all completely free.
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    Video-based fitness training from the world's top coaches

    George Vasiliadis
    George VasiliadisSpace, Tech, Nutrition, Fitness Β· Written
    Awesome app with a variety of well-known yoga teachers and a variety of yoga practices. There's a community of other yogis and people that workout every day. It's a must-use if you love working out anytime, anywhere.
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    Meet fun people based on activities & discover events!

    Sama Jashnani
    Sama JashnaniCo-Founder, DownToDash Β· Written
    Sama Jashnani made this product
    Can use it to discover yoga events & classes and buddy up with people to go for these events/classes with!