What's the best online service to make a simple checkout page with Stripe?

I'm looking to charge one-time payment and I need a checkout page that I send to my customer. Ideally, I can input a percentage in the url that change my price.
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    Payments made simple. Sell subscriptions & products online.

    Ryan Hoover85Founder, Product Hunt · Written
    Plasso is built exactly for this, made by @drewwilson. You can also embed Plasso into another site if helpful.
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    Zoho Checkout

    Collecting payments online just got simpler.

    I found this. It covers almost all my needs, except to be able to determine the price with a trigger.
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    Checkout Page

    The code-free way to sell anything with Stripe

    Sander VisserBuilding CheckoutPage.co · Written
    Sander Visser made this product
    I've made Checkout Page for this reason! Dynamic prices are on the roadmap as well.