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What's the one Social Media Marketing product you couldn't live without?

What tools are some must-have tools for managing Social Media accounts?
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  1. Emily Hodgins6Operations @ Product Hunt ยท Written
    I agree with Jack. Buffer is a great tool for keeping organised across accounts and scheduling posts.
    Jack Dweck20Product Manager at Unroll.Me ยท Written
    Buffer is a must-have if you manage multiple social media accounts. It lets you easily schedule posts across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more. Highly recommend!
    Ryan Hoover80Founder, Product Hunt ยท Written
    I'm a daily user and have paid for Buffer for years. It's particularly useful for those that read a lot of news/articles and want to share them with their Twitter following. Instead of blasting your followers with a machine gun of tweets, add them to your Buffer to distribute them throughout the day, across timezones.
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    Create a custom Twitter experience.

    I never use Twitter on web, I do EVERYTHING through Tweetdeck - such an easy way to be responsive faster than a robot! People question our speediness because its so ๐Ÿ”ฅ
  3. Big fan of Hootsuite, works with most social networks and they're always adding the latest.
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    Buffer Reply

    Team inbox for social

    We use this at Product Hunt... managing all our inbound tweets in one place and having the whole team available to reply helps A LOT
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    OneUp 2.0

    Schedule and recycle your evergreen content on social media

    Davis BaerCo-Founder of OneUp ยท Written
    Davis Baer made this product
    I might be a little biased, but OneUp is a great tool for scheduling and automatically recycling your evergreen social media posts.
    • Great tool for anyone who wants to easily manage social media accounts from small to large. Support is A-1: quick, accommodating, flexible and smart. I've tried a few different tools, and OneUp is the most comprehensive.

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    • Ruslan KhisamovCDO ShakerApp Inc.

      As an active user, I will say directly that such repetitive posts are very shaking and begin to look like spam

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    Collaborate on Customer Support, Hiring, Sales, and more.

    Kate52Head of Social @ GitHub ยท Written
    Front lets you combine the inboxes of multiple accounts in one place, allowing for a "bird's eye view" of all your social media and customer support services at once, from one place. It's also really collaborative, allowing you to assign conversations and write notes to your coworkers inside of Front, allowing for Slack-style collaboration.
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    EmojiOne for Chrome

    Finally, an emoji keyboard for the modern desktop.

    Amaรซl Sikel4Android developer ยท Written
    Makes emoji insertion so much easier. Big fan of this one, cannot live without it ๐Ÿ˜Š (๐Ÿ‘ˆ there, just used it now)