Nour Alkhatib
Nour AlkhatibProduct Manager

What are the best tools or services for relocation?

I'm wondering if there are any tools/services that help people who are relocating to new places to find services they need like banks, mobile services, internet ... etc?
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  1. 44
    Nomad List 3.0

    Find the best place to ❤️ live, 👩‍💻 work, and 💃 play

    Guy Phenix
    Guy PhenixDirector of The Whisky Crowd. · Written
    Have a look here, there is a good range of the things you are looking for.
    • brian ball
      brian ballDirector of Labs

      The front page scrolls a lot. It's great for discovery. It's just a lot to take in -- I'm not recommending a change - just warning in case you thought you'd check it out in 5 minutes.

    • matt kocaj
      matt kocajDev on a mission to work for himself

      I'd like the barrier to entry to be a bit lower, as in maybe a monthly price where I pay **each month**. As someone who's trying desperately to find a way to secure a remote gig so I can begin my Nomad journey, I can't easily drop $60 on a product I have no idea of the return value. I'm assuming that there will be folks "on the inside" ready to help me, answer my questions, etc, etc but I don't know yet. How can Nomad List help me get there without this $60 leap?

  2. Jacob Claerhout
    Jacob ClaerhoutEngineer, Techie, Bibliophile, Art Fan · Written
    I used this to take care of finding a place to live before relocating without having to go and visit the place! Absolutely amazing experience.
  3. Narmadhaa
    NarmadhaaCopywriter and marketer, Zoho. · Written
    A good place to meet expatriates from across the world, share stories and migration stages, ask questions, and find services.