Nour AlkhatibProduct Manager

What are the best tools or services for relocation?

I'm wondering if there are any tools/services that help people who are relocating to new places to find services they need like banks, mobile services, internet ... etc?
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    Nomad List 3.0

    Find the best place to ❤️ live, 👩‍💻 work, and 💃 play

    Guy PhenixDirector of The Whisky Crowd. · Written
    Have a look here, there is a good range of the things you are looking for.
  2. Jacob ClaerhoutBuilding Visionrare - ex VC · Written
    I used this to take care of finding a place to live before relocating without having to go and visit the place! Absolutely amazing experience.
  3. NarmadhaaCopywriter and marketer, Zoho. · Written
    A good place to meet expatriates from across the world, share stories and migration stages, ask questions, and find services.
  4. 2
    Google Maps Timeline

    Rediscover all places you've been by exploring your timeline

    Nikiara PurmambietovaI am with Beat - new unicorn in PM apps · Written
    Most comprehensive convenient and reliable tool ever
  5. 1

    Should I move for work?

    Ken SavageProduct Launch Pro · Written
    I used this to help me figure out what my costs would be to move and what my income and cost of living would be like in the new city.