Chillar Anand
Chillar AnandDay dreamer

Are there any Freemium apps to find what technology/tools a website is using?

I am looking for a service/API which can detect tools/technologies present in a web page.
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    Identify the software used on the websites you visit

    Pavan Sethi
    Pavan Sethi19building things. · Written
    This sounds like exactly what you're looking for - and their chrome extension makes it easy to quickly take a look when browsing any site.
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    Discover what runs a website in one click 🖥️ 🔍

    Kirill Polikarpov
    Kirill PolikarpovHead of Marketing Admitad Invest · Written
    I think that would help you
    • Abhilash Jain
      Abhilash JainCustomer Success / Growth

      Its brilliant. It gives you a quick breakdown of what the site is made up of.

      My personal fav is that it tells you which theme a Wordpress site is using upfront also shows the extensions used.

      Must have for marketers / anyone interested in webdesign.

    • Erin Donovan
      Erin Donovansupport tech | corporate trainer

      This is a fun, little Chrome and Firefox add-on that doesn't take up much space, but tells you a lot of valuable information about what services run a website you search! I added the add-on to Chrome > navigate to a Website > click the WhatRuns Icon on my Chrome toolbar and voilà > see what runs! Learn a website's Analytics provider, Web Server, OS, Programming Language, and more! I like the clickable links to learn more, and that you can subscribe to sites. Check out their website and look up the Bug Bounty program: It's a simple idea that "rewards researchers for their efforts in finding out vulnerabilities in our (WhatRuns) product.