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What are Windows alternatives to IconJar?

I'm looking for something similar to IconJar on Windows.
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    The Noun Project

    Big database of icons/symbols (public domain, cc, etc.)

    Caitlin Bolnick
    Caitlin BolnickStudent & Innovator · Written
    I absolutely love Noun Project. Not sure if you are set on having a windows app, but this is a web based version that has awesome icons.
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    Icon Organizer & Icon Library

    Davey Heuser
    Davey HeuserProduct designer at Intercom · Written
    I'm the designer of IconJar and we intentionally settled for one platform to have more control over the performance of the app. We do know Windows people are experiencing issues with managing their icon sets too, though. I usually recommend Nucleo as they also support our .iconjar files.
    • Mustafa Dahdouh
      Mustafa DahdouhUX/UI designer, Front-End developer

      After they update the app, they change the pricing and the plans.

      This make me lose access to icons files (they say the subscription just for the app)

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    Streamline icons 3.0

    The world’s largest icon library.

    James Gallagher
    James GallagherPublicly Traded Person · Written
    Streamline is the world's largest icon library and has been my go-to for icons for the last few months. The icon library is very well organized, and is frequently updated with new icons. In addition, Streamline has a simple web viewer which can help you navigate their library, and have different weights so you can pick the icon just right for your project.
    • Antoine Plu
      Antoine PluFreelance Designer

      I've been using Streamline 3.0 in the Beta phase and I can affirm you, this is definitely worth the price of this incredible icon set.

      Vincent and his team are getting better and better every time they release something new. 🚀

      Everything is so well organized! You're using Nucleo or IconJar? No problem they've got your back 👊🏻

    • Lee Fuhr
      Lee FuhrFounder & Creative Director, Cozy

      Been using Streamline since 1.0. And not just Streamline — I literally have a section in IconJar called "Vincent's world". See?

      A hidden benefit of Streamline is that the same great designer has also created some other really amazing sets, some that add a great amount more detail. So there's a sibling-ness to them which makes them useful as part of a family for wider projects. Check out Kameleon and Streamline UX (not sure about the use of "UX" there, if I'm being honest :D).