What's a good tool for sharing resources & tutorials among team members?

Not sure if something like this exists, but I'm looking for a simple tool to share images, files, code snippets, links and also be able to write short notes so everyone on the team can have access to it. Should not be limited to one project only. E.g. I would like to write a brief note with some steps on how to configure a web server and have a place to store it so other team members can find it later. It's like Gist for snippets, but not only limited to code snippets. Should have an easy and simple way of searching (tags or keywords?) As a plus, would be great to include markdown support! Does anyone know something like that?
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    Taskade 3.0

    All-in-one collaboration. Chat, organize, get things done!

    John Xie
    John XieSimplicity is the key to brilliance. · Written
    John Xie made this product
    We designed Taskade to be super lightweight and easy to share tasks, notes, in a visual workspace. You can organize and collaborate together in real-time.
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    Notion Beta

    An expressive and collaborative document editor

    Pavan Sethi
    Pavan Sethibuilding things. · Written
    I really love Notion for anything that has to do with team organization. There's a bunch of different templates to start with and if not, you can easily make pages to share in any format you want.
    Noëlie Rx
    Noëlie RxFront-end engineer · Written
    Notion it's a great tool for team organization especially to share ressources and other stuffs with people !
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    Evernote Web - Oct 2014

    Note taking gets even simpler

    Jacob M
    Jacob MI'm a productivity consultant · Written
    Evernote for Teams can set you up to really quickly capture notes/images/code snippets and put them in a place where others can access them
    Phan My Luong
    Phan My LuongMình đang kinh doanh đồ gỗ mỹ nghệ · Written
    I think Evernote is right for you!
    Jessica Vedora
    Jessica Vedoraim 22 years and now i work in AGEN POKER · Written
    i think nice to pick evernote. the best of the best :p
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    Secure instant messaging system for any network

    Alexey Pikurov
    Alexey PikurovCommunication and security · Edited
    Alexey Pikurov made this product
    You can try MyChat. This program contains various tools for team collaboration: — task management (Kanban board with task stages and tags. You can also assign your teammates to some tasks or projects) — intranet forum (create topics, subscribe your team to them, any changes appear in the chat); markdown for code snippets is provided! — instant messaging, voice and video calls, screen sharing, remote control, file sharing — own server under your full control MyChat can work in LAN or over the slow Internet connection.
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    StepShot Guides PRO

    Create guides and video tutorials with no hassle

    Sure, it exists - we use StepShot Guides Pro for this purpose. At first, we used this tool just for creating various step-by-step guides, but now there is StepShot Cloud workspace (yet available in a beta version for today). Here, you can not only create and share different projects with different people but also collaborate on your files with them, that is you can leave comments and discuss some issues right there.
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    Kipwise for images

    Save & annotate articles ✍ & images 📸 shared on Slack

    Lisa Dziuba
    Lisa DziubaMaker & PMM. Built & Sold my startup 🦄 · Written
    Love these folks. They allow sharing your information within the team, just inside Slack!
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    Part knowledge base, part collaboration space 🧠

    Nuclino is a very sleek and minimalist team knowledge sharing tool. It's easily searchable, allows @-mentions, has mind mapping functionality, etc.
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    Take better notes, your way

    Noel Smith
    Noel SmithMarketing Specialist · Written
    I suggest checking out NoteLedge - I'm currently using this app at work for brainstorming and collecting/saving tutorials for a project my team and I are about to begin. It's easy to share links and bookmarks, saved artciles and videos. It's also easy to take notes, generate to-do lists for the whole team and keep everything organized and synced across all your devices. So, this app works for both individuals and teams for taking notes, brainstorming, sharing content and staying organized and on top of things.
    Samuel Richards
    Samuel RichardsI'm junior frontend developer · Written
    I use NoteLedge for project collaboration - sharing all kinds of files, including media, is fairly easy. I think it's a good tool for small teams working on small-scale projects.
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    Powering millions of teams to work smarter, together.

    Vishal Nema
    Vishal NemaProduct Marketer @FreshworksInc · Written
    I have created 1 board which contains all the reading and learning material for the whole team.
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    One combined workspace. All of your team documentation.

    AlexLet‘s combine privacy and usefulness · Written
    Very easy to use, fair pricing, useful but not too many features, I am loving it.
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    Inbox by Google

    Next generation inbox

    MIFounder @Eystx. · Written
    I worked with Evernote for 5 years, I tried Notion, But Google Drive Always the best choice for me.
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    IC Project

    Simple but useful project management system

    Ease of use and confident functionality. You can create a contact database. ICP has an internal messenger that helps you easily find yourself in tasks. ICP allows the user to create plans and task groups as part of projects.
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    Freelance Hunter
    Freelance HunterLet's hunt products around the world! · Written
    best tool to create and share documentation!