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Which is the best WiFi router for 2017?

So I'm looking to upgrade my home wifi router. I'm also upgrading my home connection to 1Gbps from my ISP soon and I'm looking for a router to support this connection as well as handle multiple devices (4k streaming, Gaming, etc.). I've looked at some of these mesh systems: - AmpliFi HD - Netgear Orbi - Eero - Linksys Velop - Google WiFi - Luma I also looked at just routers with no mesh system but I find mesh systems would be much better for my case unless there's some router that can beat it and has a valid reason to not go with mesh systems. Let me know if you have any recommendations. Thanks!
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    Blanket your home in fast, reliable WiFi

    Mike Coutermarsh76Used to build Product Hunt. Now GitHub · Written
    I have eero at home. It's good. I don't actually ever think about it. Just works well. We have 1gb internet here and have never had a problem with it. I'm not a wifi geek, so I don't have much detail to add other than "hey this has worked great for me" 😀
    James RobinsonEntrepreneur & product designer · Written
    Eeros are the best, especially now that there's a 2nd generation that just came out. The second generation ones offer 2x better performance along with 2 form factors, regular and a new plugs-straight-into-the-wall option called Eero Beacons (these also double as a nightlight—perfect for putting in a hallway where a regular AP would be awkward). Speaking of the generations, pay attention to which generation you're buying since it's not always immediately apparent. Easy as pie to set up and administer. Eero was the first real home mesh network to come out and they're still awesome. Highly recommended.
    Hugo OlliphantFormerly PayPal Labs; startup addict · Written
    Just installed my Eero mesh system last week. It was just ridiculously simple to set up and it has worked perfectly since.
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    Google Wifi

    A new kind of Wi-Fi system from Google

    Stefan Theofilos10Product Designer, Entrepreneur · Written
    I recently got Google Wifi and it's been awesome so far!
    Justin Mitchell9Founder & CEO @ Yac · Written
    Highly recommend. I went from a $250+ Linksys to this and it's been amazing.
    I've had this since it came out and it's been terrific. We use the 3-pack in the house and I've got great coverage across the whole place a deposit can easily manage things in the app. The best feature for families is the schedule which let's me set a device curfew for the kids ... Removed discussion and debate. Everyone gets it.
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    Orbi WiFi System

    Better WiFi. Everywhere.

    AC3000 Tri-band. Wipes the competition in performance. Eero would be my 2nd choice
  4. Everything that you need for a perfect WiFi!
  5. tonyFounder, Helios · Written
    I know you said you were looking for a mesh system, but if you've got more than 1 Mac, the Time Capsule is worth a look!It offers an excellent backup solution while being an excellent router too! I've just picked one up on the apple refurbished site and couldn't be happier. I'm consistently getting ~20% boost in download speed on this network vs my previous Linksys setup. Setting up another Apple router to act as a repeater is a breeze too if you need the extra range. Haven't had any issues and it just works.
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    Small pods that brings reliable WiFi to every room

    Ben LachmanCo-founder @ Potential Labs · Written
    Plume is super simple and their one pod per room scheme matches up with real life. Throughput always maxes out my cable and latency is, amazingly, lower than pre-mesh wifi.
  7. Same vein as the Eero and you get to control each device if you want. You can set online per day time limits and "bed times" which is great for limiting kids. Very easy to set up as well.
  8. It's an amazing router with a better speed then mesh networks for much less of a price. It has an amazing UI for power users that's instantly familiar to anyone who's used a computer, gets updates containing new features and has good VPN & NAS support. You can also save $100 buy getting the RT1900AC if you purchase a slower plan from your ISP, a router that feels like a $300 one for $109 (600mbps on 2.4ghz, 1200mbps on 5ghz). It easily covers a 3000sqft home.
  9. Even a malicious person can take control of your router. To avoid all these dangers and avoid any security issues, you should set up your network securely. Fortunately, security-related measures are not difficult. This guide for you simply explains what you need to do about security settings.
  10. Nest announced in February that the Guard hub has built-in Google Assistant voice Router Password