Best apps for investing in cryptocurrencies and blockchain assets?

Specifically I'm looking for apps that would be suitable for a non-technical, mom and pop investor to gain exposure to multiple cryptocurrencies. Ideally something that would appeal to the type of investor who would use Wealthfront, Vanguard or similar.
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    Coinbase Earn (XLM)

    Learn Stellar. Earn $50 of XLM.

    Mike Coutermarsh
    Mike CoutermarshEngineer @ PlanetScale · Written
    I just bought my first ETH a couple weeks ago. I used CoinBase and found it really painless. I also use Vanguard & Betterment for my other investments. I'd say the UI/ease of use is similar to Betterment.
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    A.J. Lawrence
    A.J. Lawrencegrowth consigliere · Written
    Not the best on fees, but great for getting started.
    Manuel Spaan
    Manuel SpaanTrainer at Cloudcarrier · Written
    Easiest way to get familiar with cryptocurrencies. Easiest buy/sell process I've seen so far.
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    Buy Bitcoin instantly. iOS & Android.

    NedCEO @ Spot · Written
    Ned made this product
    - Buy Bitcoin instantly with Apple Pay/Google Pay, debit & credit card - Connect all your exchanges & wallets - Follow the market & news
    Anil Karagoz made this product
    - Simple UI - Easily track the top performing cryptocurrencies (price alerts, markets widget ... ) - Track your exchange accounts
    Antoine Guidis
    Antoine GuidisBackend Developer @ Spot · Written
    Antoine Guidis made this product
    Spot has been recently refresh as a wallet but keep its powerful tracking & portfolio feature in its DNA. It should perfectly suits your case as you could now buy btc and more later.
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    A next generation Bitcoin exchange

    Justin Scheetz
    Justin ScheetzCo-Founder, RetroTrades · Written
    Coinbase's fees made me switch. Personally, I think this is the best alternative. Great interface too!
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    JarrodHead of Product · Written
    Great site for tracking the whole market
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    The largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world

    Great exchange - good place to start if you want to start trading a number of different currencies (as opposed to just btc/eth on Coinbase.
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    Elpis Investments
    Andrea Boi
    Andrea BoiDesigner at Elpis Investments · Written
    Andrea Boi made this product
    Hi Ross, we are building a crypto-assets investment fund based on AI and blockchain technology.
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    Faye G
    Faye Ghunting for better solutions · Written
    Coinbox is a brand new app that just came out last month, it contain all the basic features that investors need, it updates weekly and grows really fast, give it a try , I think you might like it
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    Bhanu Ravichettu
    Bhanu RavichettuExpert, Crypto trading · Written
    Coinome is India’s leading platform for trading bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. It is a safe, robust and secure platform that gives complete transparency to its users. It is a 24x7 exchange, and strives to offer services without any downtime or delays. Users can also trade round the clock without any limits on Business Hours or Holidays. With its intuitive user interface and advanced features, it has become the fastest growing in terms of user base and transactions.
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    All crypto exchanges in a single app.