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Stefan Theofilos
Stefan TheofilosProduct Designer, Entrepreneur

What is your favorite mail app for Mac?

What is your go-to mail app for Mac?
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    A simple, beautiful, and powerful email client for Mac

    Nice design, love the tracking and send later feature.
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    Airmail 3

    A simple, beautiful email client for Mac and iOS

    R A I Z A
    R A I Z A🍝 Product Manager | Spaghetti Aficionado · Written
    Simple, clean, and one-time cost wins over a lot of the other email apps I've tried. I have a LOT of email (well, who doesn't?) and the advantage of this for me is the "visual" aspect of how it looks.
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  3. Dimitar Raykov
    Dimitar RaykovDesigner. Built · Written
    It just works.
  4. 3
    Newton by CloudMagic

    Supercharged emailing with space-age features

    Love it for simplicity and super fast notifiactions