What do people use for personal checking/tracking/finance?

Right now I'm using Simple, and putting most of my transactions there, but haven't been super pleased with any of the systems on offer. I really love the product concept around Level money, but their syncing subsystem seems very problematic. What are people using for transaction tracking?
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    Clarity Money

    Lower bills, cancel accounts, create a savings account

    Stefan Theofilos
    Stefan TheofilosProduct Designer, Entrepreneur · Written
    I use Simple as my bank as well. but use Clarity for budgeting, tracking expenses, etc. I'm pretty sure I've tried out all the personal finance apps that are out and I always come back to Clarity
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    Prosper Daily

    Track & control your money like a boss

    I use Prosper Daily (formerly Billguard). They take an inbox-zero style approach to tracking finances, pulling in your bank and credit card spending. The simple analytics make it easy to understand what your spending is this month relative to the last, and then easily let you breakdown your purchases by category and track this month over month. I've found that their categorization is the most accurate and simple to setup, and have felt a bit overwhelmed when trying this with other apps. At this point I think I've tried at least a dozen other spend tracking apps, and I keep coming back to this one.
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    Private, ad-free Mint.com alternative

    Kyle Richey
    Kyle RicheyCEO, ConquerApathy.com · Written
    Kyle Richey made this product
    It's totally private (only uses iCloud for sync, backup and family sharing), has zero ads, and is one of the most flexible money management apps around.
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    Notion PM

    The perfect workspace to manage projects with your clients

    Jenil Gogari
    Jenil GogariDesigner. Explorer. Geek. · Written
    I use Mint to keep a track of all my accounts and budgeting as well.
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