What is the best meeting room booking Slack app?

We've got a conference room and a lot of people that want to use it. I'd like a way to book it from Slack.
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    Robin Powered

    Meeting room booking made simple. OpenTable for your office.

    Super simple set up and efficient use of space, highly recommend.
  2. Joan added a free slack integration that you can use without any strings attached. Super simple setup. Great! Check out the link: https://blog.getjoan.com/talk-to...
    Agreed, we use the Joan Slack bot. Works with and without their Joan devices, although I would recommend both, especially if you have a lot of outside visitors.
  3. Anna Pichugina
    Anna PichuginaDesigner of buildings and experiences · Written
    Book meeting rooms in Slack with a single command, free. Works with meeting rooms set up in Google calendar - integration with other calendars is coming.
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