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Alternative to Google Chrome's Profiles

I am moving away from Chrome for a million reasons, least of which is - CPU hog - Lack of privacy - Desire to no longer support Google or their products due to their shady practices but my problem is that I rely so heavily on their profiles for all my accounts. I use 4 accounts within Google, each with separate google accounts tied to them (I wish there was an alternative to GSuite, but nope). I really want to switch to Safari, but can't find a way for it to handle multiple accounts. What do you use and how do you make it work for you?
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@gurneykid I've been using the new Firefox, it has multi-account containers that allow you save your different accounts to different profiles that are accessible on the fly.
@brennon_denny I tried really hard to make that work, but I need truly separate profiles like Chrome. For instance, it is difficult to open a tab and then assign it a profile. I have seen that Brave browser will eventually be switching to a chromium based app that supports profiles, so I am holding out for that. Thanks for the response!
@gurneykid Didn't know brave was switching, I'll have to take a look at it again.
@brennon_denny Yeah they have it as a dev release (not even beta I guess) and it seems to work pretty good. Still missing chrome plugins though and I can't live without 1Password so it is on the shelf for me atm. Good potential though!
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