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What do you use to create reference poses for your drawings?

Recently, I added Magic Poser to Product Hunt because it's a really good app. It allows you to get a variety of models on the scene and pose them any way you want, so you can use them as reference images to draw over. I really like it, however, what really bothers me is that there is no desktop version of it available (yet). I don't want to switch, because I really do like the app, but I need an alternative for desktop that doesn't require a smartphone emulator. I also want to know what other programs people generally use for this kind of work with their respective pros and cons. Things I would like to have that aren't available in Magic Poser (from what I know): - the ability to insert your own models - the ability to change facial expressions
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    Magic Poser
    ZOAGPro at being lazy · Written
    The program I use right now for the reasons I listed in my question.
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