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What is the best writing tool/app for technical bloggers?

Right now I am using Google Docs to write technical articles. Please suggest your picks. Notably, I want the apps which has the utility to include images while writing.
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  1. George CurtisWeb-Entwickler / Web Developer (m/w/d) · Written
    I recommend checking out NoteLedge - I personally find it quite useful for taking notes at work and during meetings. This app comes with a few tools that make note-taking both convinient and easy. I also like that fact that all my documents/files sync across all of my Apple devices, that way I can make edits to my notes wherever I am. One tool I use pretty often is the web-clipper - when I'm browsing through websites, I can just quickly clip and import a video, images or tables (infographics). Another highly useful feature is the handwriting option - I like to sketch when I take notes or during a brainstorming session. Basically, NoteLedge works for notes, to-do lists, time management and more. I think it'd be a good fit a technical blogger.
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    Hubert AlexanderSenior Software Developer · Written
    One thing I enjoy about this app is the intuitive design and sketching tools. I feel like not all notes apps have this feature, so NoteLedge having this is pretty great - I think this app would be a good choice for all kinds of bloggers.
    I think this app is a good choice for technical bloggers and people on the go - I personally love how easy it is to keep all your files/notes organized and accessible from all your devices, what results in increased efficiency.
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    Medium 2.0

    A new look, app, and features to move thinking forward

    Kunal BhatiaCo-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp · Written
    I love writing in Medium. I actually used it for articles I had no intention of publishing on Medium because the writing experience there is so good.
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    Beautiful and clever Markdown editor for Mac and PC

    Emanuil Rusev made this product
    Combines the aesthetics of prose editors with the productivity features of code editors - features like syntax assistance, multiple cursors, file manager, etc.
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    BeeCanvas for iPad

    Visual workspace for Ideation and Collaboration.

    Ray HongCo-founder @ALLO · Written
    It's created for people who enjoy their job and want a tool that will make it even more fun to open up thier computer every day Also, (WEB) is available.
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    Dropbox Paper

    Collaboration tool built for teams

    I love it because it has a clean, minimalist UI (similar to Medium) with great collaboration features.
  6. Suhas MoudgalyaProduct Engineer at EdgeVerve Systems · Written
    All the time !!!