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Zoom Exotic
100+ video backgrounds for Zoom
100+ video backgrounds for Zoom!
Liven up your next conference call by hosting it on top of a mountain! Or with a group of penguins! Or in your favorite movie! The possibilities are endless...
10 Alternatives to Zoom Exotic is a free, crowd-sourced background image directory. This website helps you find cool backgrounds in one place, so you don’t have to scan the internet to find the right one, we do the heavy lifting for ya.

11 Alternatives to Zoom Background

Jazz up your next meeting with over 100 Zoom background templates, or create your in minutes with millions of images, illustrations and icons and hundreds of fonts to choose from.

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Tom's Guide
If you want to liven up your work and personal video calls, use the best free Zoom backgrounds to make it look like you're visiting Wakanda, lounging in Jerry Seinfeld's apartment or even just sitting in an actual office conference room.
The Sun
MANY people across the globe are now having to work from home due to coronavirus and Zoom is becoming their first point of call. The app which lets you effectively hold meetings can also provide you with endless entertainment if you learn how to change the background.
The Verge
Now that people are finding themselves working remotely or setting up virtual parties to chat with friends and family while maintaining social distance, Zoom is quickly becoming the go-to source for those gatherings. But when you spend days quarantining at home, cleaning up for a Zoom call might be the last thing on your mind.
With the world in a state of flux, many of us have now found ourselves with a new workplace - our homes. While it's certainly cut down the commute, it's also having some interesting results, namely, our co-workers are getting a rare glimpse into our living space through video chat.
12 Alternatives to Zoom Background Creator by Canva

What are thousands of people a day doing now, that they weren't doing just 3 weeks ago? Well, according to Google Trends the biggest trending search query is "virtual background".
And what is more fun then to launch a side-project to answer their quest!

11 Alternatives to Virtual Backgrounds is a great screen saver that will make you anxious and will also save your screen.
• “This screen saver is like a beautiful Black Mirror episode.”
• “OMG this is so good”
• “I almost slammed my laptop a few times”

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