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4 alternative and related products to Zendo


Secure Mobile Messenger using OTP Encryption (iOS/Android)

Telegram Messenger

Whatsapp-esque messaging app but open, cloudbased, encrypted

Law- Senior Mobile developer
It has one of the best messaging UI and now can send and received videos and can call. And fast and simple.
Ebrahim Tahernejad
Fast, Reliable, Groups(200 person max), SuperGroups(10xGroup), Robot API, Channels and Broadcasts, Voice calls (Although it's filtered here in IRAN :|), Using robots in groups and supergroups, Many marketing potentials lies inside, so many little-but-great features like pinning a message to top, banning system, deleting messages in some conditions, and so mu… See more
Shelshiya Reema- SEO Analyst @Kobster
Secure and safe messaging paltform!
10 Alternatives to Telegram Messenger

Signal 2.0

Send end-to-end encrypted text, picture, and video messages

Lachlan Campbell- Hack Club design/JS—HS 🎓—they/them—🌈
Signal is a Snowden-approved, end-to-end encrypted chat app. It's widely considered the safest messaging service. 💬
Chris Messina- Product designer & entrepreneur
Since it provides end-to-end encryption, Signal is a good choice.
David- Growth marketer
Signal is doing an excellent job updating the product while maintaining their core value proposition.
9 Alternatives to Signal 2.0


Messaging with blockchain identity and user controlled data

Stealthy allows anyone to communicate securely, without having to trust a company with the contents of their private messages. Communication travels directly between users, decentralized with no middle-man, and is end-to-end encrypted with each user's personal cryptographic key for maximum privacy.

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News of privacy and data breaches is so frequent that we're becoming desensitized to it. The issue is widespread from the devastating Equifax breach in the financial industry to the recent revelations about social media giant Facebook.
One of the interesting takeaways from the recent Facebook meltdown is people are finally starting to realize the true price of free applications. Over and over again, people have been duped into thinking that these centralized services would protect their data and information. Users no longer have to trust applications with data security and privacy.
Bitcoin Magazine
At a time when concerns over how big companies like Facebook, LinkedIn and Google are handling our data continue to grow, two blockchain-based apps have joined forces to offer productivity tools that give you full control over your own data.
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Secure instant messenger for any network

MyChat is an enterprise messenger that can work in LAN or over the slow Internet connection.

Alexey Pikurov- Communication and security
You can try MyChat. This program contains various tools for team collaboration: — task management (Kanban board with task stages and tags. You can also assign your teammates to some tasks or projects) — intranet forum (create topics, subscribe your team to them, any changes appear in the chat); markdown for code snippets is provided! — instant messaging, vo… See more
Alexey Pikurov- Communication and security
MyChat may be useful for you. This program has such features as: — plugins for remote control — screen sharing — project management (you can assign tasks to your team members and track the process stages: in progress, done, archived, etc.) — intranet forum (create topics to share knowledge among your team; subscribe to any topic you are interested in)
Alexey Pikurov- Communication and security
Secure communication tool — MyChat enterprise messenger. This program has own server; all data is encrypted. MyChat can work in LAN and over the slow Internet connection. - instant messaging - voice and video calls - remote control - screen sharing - task management (Kanban) - built-in forum Free Edition up to 20 user connections. Available for Windows, L… See more
Disadvantages of public messengers. Importance of secure communication program in a company
Network problems that may impact self-employment people in areas with a weak Internet connection.
What measures should be done to protect an internal information in a company
4 Alternatives to MyChat
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