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16 alternative and related products to Zebpay Crypto Exchange and Wallet

Zebpay Crypto Exchange and Wallet
Buy, sell and trade bitcoin and other cryptos globally.

Zebpay is a trusted and secure crypto exchange with the wallet that serves customers across the globe.

Zebpay crypto exchange app for Android and iOS offers a seamless mobile trading experience to everyone, everywhere. More than 3 million consumers have trusted Zebpay for its security and ease of use for crypto trading worldwide.

16 Alternatives to Zebpay Crypto Exchange and Wallet

Get free crypto for trading.

Nexybit is a Trade Mining, Spot, and Futures Cryptocurrency Exchange. Users can trade cryptocurrencies in popular pairs such as BTC, ETH, and USDT. Additionally, Nexybit supports futures with up to 50x leverage.

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TEMCO, a Bitcoin Smart Contract (RSK) based supply-chain platform supported by major institutional investment firms has announced the launch of a public token sale on the Nexybit Exchange. Nexybit is a trade mining cryptocurrency exchange that shares revenue with NXY token holders.
Paxnet News, Reporter Kim ByoungYun] MTP (먹튀폴리스) where operate the InsureTech (안... | Press release by Cointelegraph
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Exchange bitcoin for multiple digital assets at once

Before Bitfract, achieving a diversified portfolio was time-consuming, difficult, and error-prone.

We built Bitfract to make it easier and safer for avg. users to gain exposure to diversified digital asset portfolios.

1. Pick your assets and allocation %

2. Input your destination wallet addresses

3. Send bitcoin

4. Receive assets in wallet 🚀🌈

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Whether you're a professional trader or have yet to take the plunge, we're pleased to introduce you to Bitfract, the first tool enabling users to exchange a single cryptocurrency for up to 62 other cryptocurrencies at once. Get a sneak preview of Bitfract's interface and reserve beta access here: See more
Erik Voorhees, Bitfract is a free, ShapeShift-powered tool that enables you to exchange one coin, like Bitcoin, for up to 62 different coins - all at the same time. ShapeShift creator, recently tweeted about Bitfract stating that it's "one of the coolest tools I've seen built using the ShapeShift API."
Bitcoin News
Bitfract, which is still in beta, is a new service which allows users to swap from one cryptocurrency for multiple cryptos in an instant. For example, you can swap from bitcoin to a brace of different altcoins without needing to make multiple transactions. The tool is free to use, and supports a wide range of ...
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A powerful crypto exchange from Blockchain

The PIT is a new, best-in-class platform for trading digital assets. It’s reliable, fast, and easy to use. We believe retail investors need a better exchange to power their trades.

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The company called Blockchain is mostly known for its cryptocurrency wallet. Today, the company is also launching an exchange so that you can buy and sell cryptocurrencies without going through a third-party exchange. The company's exchange is called The Pit and is focused on mainstream adoption an...
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A mobile cryptocurrency wallet that's as safe as a hardware wallet, but still lets you send crypto as easily as sending a text message. We partnered with chip makers so we could use your phone's secure hardware to encrypt and store your keys. First mobile wallet that comes with a guarantee.

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Narek Gevorgyan, co-founder at Coin Stats, a cryptocurrency research and portfolio management solution, has said that "it will take some time for bitcoin and [the larger] cryptocurrency market to go to new highs again." Gevorgyan, an informatics, visual computing, and applied mathematics graduate from Yerevan State University, told CryptoGlobe: Obviously, it… See more
Coin Stats, one of the most popular cryptocurrency portfolio trackers, has announced the launch of its Coin Stats Secure Wallet - a new, secure, hardware-rooted digital wallet.
Most secure mobile wallet utilizes the hardware that's already in 1.6 billion phones and provides FIPS 140-2 based, military-grade security. Privately, securely send crypto assets via WhatsApp and other messengers (San Francisco - March 21, 2019) Coin Stats, the cryptocurrency research and portfolio tracker with over $5 billion in crypto portfolio and 500,00… See more
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Crypto Exchange that Rewards Customers

* Maker Rewards
* Referral Rewards (For every referral, earn up to ~$100)
* Customers in SA can buy BTC and ETH with ZAR
* Customers worldwide can trade Bitcoin and Ethereum for any of the 50+ altcoins including XRP, XLM, LTC and many more at very low fees

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Former FNB CEO Michael Jordaan-backed crypto-currency trading platform is looking to grow beyond South African borders. So said VALR CEO and co-founder Farzam Ehsani, who used to be blockchain lead at Rand Merchant Bank, after the firm launched rand (ZAR) trading to allow customers to buy and sell Bitcoin directly with the local currency.
On 4 June 2019, VALR will enable Rand deposits into customer accounts in anticipation of the BTCZAR trading launch a week later at 11:11 a.m. on 11 June (Bitcoin deposits are already enabled). The launch will showcase VALR's advanced trading capability: our Exchange Buy/Sell feature.
Global crypto exchange Bittrex led a $1.5 million seed round in South African trading platform VALR. Bittrex CEO Bill Shihara told CoinDesk the South African market has "tremendous untapped potential." Fellow VALR investor Michael Jordaan of Montegray Capital told CoinDesk that VALR's support for 50 cryptocurrencies will offer the most diverse range of asset… See more
SA's second cryptocurrency hub is expected to go live on June 11 and will trade in more than 50 digital currencies
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A simple, decentralized crypto exchange

A simple and secure way to trade ethereum tokens like Maker, Augur, Enigma, OmiseGO, Aeternity, Basic Attention Token and Gnosis with Ethereum or DAI.
You can use MetaMask or Ledger to deposit your tokens.

Magnus Hinkel
Magnus Hinkel is the first decentralized exchanges which provides traders with a smooth and intuitive UI/UX. Furthermore, they deliver features, e.g. Delegated Signing Keys, Websocket APIs, true Market Orders and Fiat pegged order, which puts trustless trading on a new level.
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Easily track the crypto market

Grow and manage your portfolio from a single dashboard. Discover new tokens, take part in quality ICOs, study the market or trade on margin. Liquid is your platform.

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Crypto has a new unicorn after exchange Liquid announced today it has raised capital from investors at a valuation of more than $1 billion as it goes after expansion opportunities. The company said the capital will be put to work expanding into new markets and offering new services, including ̵...
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Crypto exchange for the cash market

Customers simply walk into a Yellow Card Location near them, buy a Yellow Card Voucher using cash, redeem the code on, and they may now use the credit on their Yellow Card Account to buy cryptocurrency instantly.

5 Alternatives to Yellow Card
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