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7 alternative and related products to Zapstitch


Exchange data between marketing, sales & accounting apps

7 Alternatives to Zapstitch

Today we’re releasing Segment’s latest product, Personas, to the world. Personas uses a new identity graph to combine your data into a 360° user record —and you get to compute new traits & audiences on top.

Our beta customers were able to drive a 50% lift in customer engagement, 10% reduction in ad spend, and 33% increase in ad conversions.

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The best way to acquire, serve, and retain your customers is to better understand their interests and needs. You need to know which actions your customers have taken over the course of their relationship with your brand, no matter where these interactions happen. Ideally, each conversation should incorporate context from a customer's past interactions.
9 Alternatives to Segment Personas

Collect your data once, then send it to 200+ tools.

Segment is the infrastructure for your customer data. Use one API to unlock 200+ tools for every team in your company. With Segment, developers can stop building tedious and expensive one-off data integrations while business users can get straight to work, turning on their favorite apps right from the Segment dashboard.

Pulkit Agrawal
Pulkit Agrawal- CEO @trychameleon for user onboarding
Whichever you choose, I would strongly recommend that you implement it via Segment. Once you've instrumented the events you want to track via Segment then you have the freedom to choose any analytics visualizer (Mixpanel, Amplitude, Heap etc.) and also to switch visualizer at the click of a button. This will allow you to try out a few tools. The other majo… See more
Sam Rye
Sam Rye- Founder
Install one bit of code and send your data to a variety of other analytics tools. Now with a free tier!
13 Alternatives to Segment

A data exchange network. What dataset are you looking for?

DataCircle is a Data Marketplace that focuses on:

Discoverability 🔎, for you to find what you are looking for.

Transparency 👐🏻, so that you know where your data ends up to and where it comes from.

Ease of use 👶🏼.

Uploading or downloading at dataset takes no more than 3 steps.

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Hacker Noon
In the past few years, our economy has greatly shifted towards a Sharing economy.It is now common to share our flats, cars or bicycles. These companies took a then unused resource, an extra room and turned it into a revenue-generating asset.
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