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Connect and automate 500+ web apps

7 alternative and related products to Zapier

Parabola 2.0

Automate manual processes without spreadsheets or code

Repetitive tasks are for machines. Free up your time to discover new ways to use your data and leave the boring stuff to us. Parabola 2.0 now enables anyone to use drag-and-drop to build flows with powerful sources, transforms, and destinations, and then schedule them to run automatically on our servers with no code necessary.

16 Alternatives to Parabola 2.0

Zapier for Teams

Turn automation into a team sport with shared folders

Zapier for Teams: Shared Folders lets you collaborate with colleagues on any of your Zaps.

Earlier this year, we released Zapier for Teams to allow your company to automate everything, together. The vision for Zapier for Teams has always been to help your team be more productive and collaborate on ways to automate everyday tasks so you can get more done in less time-and today ...
5 Alternatives to Zapier for Teams


Build automated workflows on top of your existing cloud apps

Sandro Jazzar- Co-Founder, Shababeek
A bit of a learning curve, but they're the only ones who let you connect to dynamic data sources (Google sheets for ex). It's perfect if most of your messages have dynamic content
Sandro Jazzar- Co-Founder, Shababeek
If most of your data is dynamic, I really recommend FlowXO. They integrate beautifully with Sheets for ex
4 Alternatives to FlowXO

What easy and preferably free task automation site/app do you guys use?

Jessica Lodgeex Product Manager - JS developer
Zapier - Connect and automate 500+ web apps
"We use Zapier for all different types of workflows. It keeps us organized and consistent with managing our tasks. Some inspiration for whic… See more
IFTTT - Do more with the services you love
"Ive been using IFTTT since it's beta and love the platform!"
Workflow - Automate things you do every day on your iPhone/iPad
"Workflow is a fantastic for iOS. And now that it's owned by Apple, it'll probably have stronger integration in the near future with the OS.… See more

What are the best tools for marketing automation in 2018?

Lisa Founder
Zapier - Connect and automate 500+ web apps
"Big fan of Zapier. It lets you automate work between 1000+ apps. We use Zapier a lot because it saves us lots of time and keep processes or… See more

What is the best automation apps you use?

RizwaniOS developer
IFTTT - Do more with the services you love
"I am using IFTTT since it was in Beta and I am still using it. Very awesome app to automate social media stuff and now they have included A… See more
Zapier - Connect and automate 500+ web apps
"We are big fans of Zapier at Salesflare. There are just so many ways you can automate every day robotic tasks using apps like MailChimp, Qu… See more
Workflow - Automate things you do every day on your iPhone/iPad
"Workflow allows you to create all kinds of automated workflows. You can even start them from you Apple Watch. They were recently bought by … See more

Whats the best personal dashboard app with integrations?

John AlexanderGrowth @ shoflo
The Gyroscope App - See the complete story of your life
"John, you might check out Gyroscope. I recently started using Gyroscope, and it integrates with some pretty useful tools (eg. Fitbit, Strav… See more
Exist - Understand your life.
"Exist does more than just tell you your stats. It makes correlations between them that are actually helpful. (e.g. find out which artists y… See more
Zapier - Connect and automate 500+ web apps
"Saw this mentioned on Reddit today. The user gave it rave review for functionality and cost."
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