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Zapier alternatives and competitors

8 reviews

Easy automation for busy people. Zapier moves info between your web apps automatically, so you can focus on your most important work.

Top alternatives for Zapier

Never clean messy spreadsheets again
  • n8n

    1 review
    With n8n everyone can have their own free node-based workflow automation tool.
    n8n is self-hostable, so the data stays with you. It can be easily extended and so also used with in-house tools and allows to automate complex tasks.
  • Parabola 2.0

    9 reviews

    Repetitive tasks are for machines. Free up your time to discover new ways to use your data and leave the boring stuff to us. Parabola 2.0 now enables anyone to use drag-and-drop to build flows with powerful sources, transforms, and destinations, and then schedule them to run automatically on our servers with no code necessary.

    Alex & Mike have the right background, know-how and drive to build the future of data flows.

  • tray.io

    Now anyone can integrate, automate, and innovate. Empower your citizen automators to grow your company faster. No dev resources required.
  • Actiondesk

    Actiondesk is a spreadsheet just like Google Sheets or Excel. But it has superpowers:
    - Import data from any data source
    - Your data is automatically refreshed at the frequency you choose

    At first, Actiondesk's interface is a bit confusing. once you understand how it works, the power it gives you to manipulate your data, and s…

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  • Integrately (Zapier Alternative)

    106 reviews
    Free options
    Integrately 2.0 helps non-techies integrate their apps and automate their processes in 1 click. To make this possible, we have created over 8 Million ready automations! And are constantly adding more.
    So all you need to do is activate your automation.
  • Zenaton

    8 reviews
    Zenaton makes it possible to build and run event-driven processes within the product journey in days instead of months.
    ie. payment, booking, personalized communication sequences, ETL processes and more.
    Now with 90+ APIs connectors.
  • n8n.cloud

    9 reviews
    n8n.cloud is a workflow automation tool that lets you automate business processes, sync data between apps, and build products or services. Our next-gen, node-based approach lets you model more sophisticated logic, all with minimal code.
  • Apiway.ai

    Apiway.ai is a free integration platform where you can find the right b2b software and integrate it with other cloud apps for free, without limits
    - Forever free
    - No limits
  • Build on Standard Library

    3 reviews
    Build on Standard Library allows anybody to build Zapier-style workflows and APIs with a powerful UI running atop serverless architecture. No code required to start — professional quality code gets generated for you automatically as part of the experience.

    Best part about Build is it's one of many use cases for the Std.lib platform.

  • Microsoft Flow

    Microsoft's version of IFTTT
  • Paths by Zapier

    3 reviews

    Zapier‘s new logic tool lets you build multiple outcomes into one Zap, so you can automate anything you imagine.

    Have been using paths for a while now. Find it super useful when you are using a zapier catch webhook function to start a flow and passing d…

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  • Paragon Connect

    4 reviews
    Paragon Connect allows developers to embed user-facing SaaS integrations into their product in minutes. Setup the Paragon SDK once and instantly integrate your product with popular SaaS apps like Salesforce, HubSpot, Slack, JIRA, and more.
  • Autocode 1.0

    3 reviews
    Automate with code and level up from workflow engines without managing servers. Build webhooks, connect APIs and ship event-based apps in minutes. Use API autocomplete, code generation, one-click auth and instant hosting all from our complete in-browser IDE.
  • Yuzu

    2 reviews
    Yuzu lets anyone build human-in-the-loop business processes without code. We combine powerful automations & integrations with the people-orchestration of a project management tool to keep your processes running to schedule.
  • the:gist

    7 reviews
    Free options
    Build simpler & more elegant automations; less steps & complexity than with other automation tools.
  • Beau

    4 reviews
    Free options
    Create client-facing business processes with a no-code visual builder, step-by-step. And publish your workflows as client portals! Collect form submissions, documents and files, accept payments, send messages and reminders, approve steps or request changes.
  • Terra

    5 reviews
    Free options
    TERRA makes it easy to connect your app to your user's health and fitness data, through a single API. Sources such as Whoop, Oura, Garmin and Peloton. Use our widget, to avoid dealing with clunky integrations, bad written docs, and different data structures.
  • Bannerbear Zapier Integration

    1 review
    Create fully automated Zapier workflows that generate product banners, social media images and more
  • Zoho Flow

    1 review

    Zoho Flow is an integration platform that helps you connect web applications and

    automate complex business workflows, effortlessly. You can create and customize

    integrations, adapt them to dynamic business needs, and collaborate with your teammates on building centralized integrations.

    We love to convert some dates fields coming from other apps without coding.

  • Zapier for Teams

    Zapier for Teams: Shared Folders lets you collaborate with colleagues on any of your Zaps.