Alternative products to Zap!

12 alternative and related products to Zap!

Instantly lookup whatever you copied 🔍

zap! is a chrome extension which looks up whatever you copy 📋

12 Alternatives to Zap!

An interactive search experience for conference videos

TalkSearch by Algolia is an interactive search for conference videos

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Milliseconds Matter
It's time for one of our favorite annual traditions: revealing the holiday gift we built for the developer community. This year, we've made a tool that helps users discover key moments at conferences by searching into video transcripts. It's called TalkSearch, and we'd like to share a few details ab
7 Alternatives to TalkSearch by Algolia

Instant Wikipedia summary cards on any web page

Qikipedia is a free and open source browser extension for Chrome. It allows you to highlight text from any website, and shows you a summary of the corresponding Wikipedia article, if one exists.


- Get instant Wikipedia summaries from any website

- Highlight up to 7 words

- Dark theme available

- Multiple languages supported

9 Alternatives to Qikipedia

Find Wikipedia articles on Email and Slack with Familiar Bot

Every wikipedia article, all in one place. This bot part gives you the ability to search Wikipedia, without switching apps.

Install Familiar Bot on Slack, or send email to

Email or Slack DM: "give me a wiki for Product Hunt"

Slack mention: "@familiarbot wiki green tea"

Slack command: "/wiki Green Tea"

Happy searching!

Jason Hargrove 🌱
Jason Hargrove 🌱- Familiar team and sipping green tea <3
The team at @familiarHQ has used this little robot for a couple years on Slack for a few things including Wikipedia. And we've just released that skill on Slack to use for free. I like that I can rely on Fam Bee to give me the search result quickly and privately, where on the big tech search engines I may not find the result top ranked in some cases, and I a… See more
6 Alternatives to Wikipedia for Familiar Bot

Find the discussion around the page you're looking at!

This extension checks Reddit or Hacker News, to see if the current page is listed on their site (see video). If there is a post on one of these sites, there will be a button added to the bottom corner of the screen.

Hope it's as useful to you as it is to me!

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