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Z-Money Pro alternatives and competitors

Z-Money is Online Personal Finance Accounting System to help users better control expenses, increase assets and decrease debts, discover effective ways to grow income and optimize overall cash flow.

Top alternatives for Z-Money Pro

Monitor, debug and test real-world CX flows in minutes
  • Penny

    A personal finance coach that's simpler than Mint
  • Spendee 2.0

    See where your money goes
  • BearTax

    Free options
    Avoid hours of manual work by uploading all of your transaction data to BearTax. From there, we'll process that data to show your gains and losses for a given tax year — all for free. Then, you can purchase your completed tax forms.
  • Toshl Finance

    Toshl helps track all of your personal finances in one place. Track bank accounts, credit cards, cash, cryprocurrency investments. Budget and plan for the future. Support for all fiat and 30+ cryptocurrencies. More than 2.8 million users worldwide. Apps for Android, iOS, web.

  • Prosper Daily

    Track & control your money like a boss
  • XOBI

    The first virtual assistant in personal finance.
  • Financial Low‑Hanging Fruit Checklist

    Get a personalized checklist of financial suggestions based on your life stage, income, savings and more!
  • Sync for Commerce by Codat

    Free options
    Payments and commerce platforms are building native integrations to QuickBooks and Xero so merchants can automate bookkeeping.

    This is hard. Accounting is complicated and different platforms have very different APIs.

    Sync for Commerce makes it easy.
  • MoneyWiz

    A modern approach to personal finance
  • ProjectiFi

    Free options
    Model and simulate your financial future without linking actual financial accounts.
    Create and test plans for financial independence, FIRE, and other goals, build deterministic and Monte Carlo simulations, backtest on historical data, and more.
  • MoneyDashboard

    Get the true view of your finances
  • Nav.it

    1. Manage Money (budgets, alerts, automated savings)
    2. Build a Safety Net (reduces the anxiety around bill paying and savings goals, ask the community your questions)
    3. Get Rid of High-Interest Debt (One-on-one coaches and calculators)
  • Finansi App

    A new personal finance, budget and expense control app. Simple, powerful and constantly evolving. Track your money the easy way, make better decisions and have a healthy financial life. With Finansi App you have a complete view of your personal finances.
  • Financial Snapshot

    Free options
    It is a pain to stay on top of all your financial accounts. Logging into multiple accounts. Financial Snapshot is a scheduled email report of your finances. It provides you with a weekly snapshot of your current net worth, account balances, and transactions.
  • The Index Card

    Why personal finance doesn’t have to be complicated
  • Hermition

    Free options
    Manage your day to day routine accounting tasks with the help of AI and get paid online quickly for your work done. Say Bye! to manual accounting data entry. Manage docs with AI Smart Scan, do Payroll, Taxes, Financial Reports & Accounting all in one hub.