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YouTube Productivity Mode alternatives and competitors

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Switch YPM in “Productivity Mode” to blur all the thumbnails on YouTube so that the catchy and clickbaity thumbnails don’t grab your attention. So now if you get redirected to YouTube while working/studying, the recommended thumbnails won’t catch your eyes.

Top alternatives for YouTube Productivity Mode

PointCard™ Neon
Made to spend.
  • Youtube Detox

    It is no secret that many of us open Youtube to look up something important but get distracted by our home feed and end up wasting hours on end. 🤦🏽‍♀️ Youtube Detox is a simple, minimal webpage that helps you search in a distraction-free manner. 💯
  • Music Mode for YouTube

    2 reviews
    A Chrome extension for those who listen to music on YouTube but don't want to be distracted. Perfect for at work or while doing homework.
  • YTMP

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    YTMP : YouTube Music Player is the First and the Only YouTube Music Player that lets you play any youtube video as audio with tons of features such as Background play, Playlist merger, No Ads, and many more for free while saving up to 98% of your data.
  • Newsfeed Burner

    Burn away distractions on Facebook, Linkedin and Youtube
  • QuickTab

    Get things done with one tool for your notes, to-do lists, bookmarks, and daily news feed. Simple, lightweight, with dark mode by default.
  • YourTube

    The truth is YouTube is designed to make anyone binge-watch it all day. We want to make it productive for people who use it for work or learning. This extension is an attempt to provide a minimalist approach to Youtube with full customizability.
  • Youfocus

    Youfocus makes youtube learning seamlessly by removing ‘noise’ so that you can focus on what’s important.
    We’re currently in beta now.
  • YouTube Focus Mode

    Do you waste a lot of time watching unproductive videos in YouTube?
    YouTube Focus Mode allows you to choose the type of videos you want to see in your feed and blocks the videos that don't belong to these categories, allowing you to focus on your work/study.