Alternative products to YC Interview Practice App

11 alternative and related products to YC Interview Practice App

YC Interview Practice App

Get asked YC questions by Sam Altman

11 Alternatives to YC Interview Practice App

Up to 200 tech interview questions for startups❓💻

Techtion offers an updated list with up to 200 Tech Interview Questions for startups and developers.

At the moment, the tool have questions for 7 tech stacks:

1. PHP

2. Javascript

3. Android

4. iOS

5. Java

6. Python

7. Git

The tool is useful for:

🦄 Startups to boost their recruitment strategy

👨‍💻 Developers to prepare for their interviews.

13 Alternatives to Techtion

An online tournament for productivity.

Apply to Pioneer with any type of project you need help with. It could be a company, physics research or art. Play the tournament. Become a Pioneer.

Pioneers receive a $5,000 investment with an option for a $20,000 follow-on, a ticket to San Francisco and much more.

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Silicon Valley has created a model for identifying and nurturing high-potential young companies. The Pioneer Fund hopes to do much the same thing for high-potential people. The group, which is being announced on Thursday, plans to use the internet-era tools of global communication and crowdsourcing to solicit and help select promising candidates in a variety… See more
12 Alternatives to Pioneer

Practice product management mock interviews with other PMs

Pramp for Product Managers is a free peer-to-peer mock interviewing platform for product managers. Pramp matches you automatically with a fellow PM over video chat and a collaborative environment for a bi-directional mock interview. Better yet, it provides you and your peer with interview questions, hints, and solutions for your session.

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Pramp Blog | Coding Interview & Job Search Resources for Developers
I'm very happy to share with you that after 3 years of providing software engineers with a platform to practice live technical interviews for free, we're now providing interview preparation for Product Managers as well. When we launched Pramp, we were determined to solve a problem that we faced as software engineers - the lack of good tools to prepare for te… See more
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