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9 alternative and related products to Yarn Vocabulary

Yarn Vocabulary
Learn foreign vocabulary as you browse in English
9 Alternatives to Yarn Vocabulary

Take your language skills to the next level

Lingvist uses machine learning to adapt to you based on what you know and to level-up your language learning power with trackable progress. Try it today and boost your knowledge! Learn French, Spanish, German, Russian – or English from one of 12 different languages.

Ed Turner
Ed Turner- Technical Marketer
Make the most of your time spent learning – Lingvist is awesome for flashcards, exercises, etc. I'm a big fan, use it pretty much every day.
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Jonathan Marchetti
Jonathan Marchetti- Student at Babson College
There's something about learning a whole new language at the convenience of your pocket that's absolutely awesome!... butttt there's also something about it that is so unattractive and that I'm just not able to commit to
John Ababseh
John Ababseh- Epiphany Enthusiast
Always telling myself I'm going to refresh my mind on a language I know or learn the basics of a language, but never happens.
Anirudh Chaturvedi
Anirudh Chaturvedi-
Been on my phone for 6 months!
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57 Alternatives to Duolingo

Play with your words. Language learning simplified.

Effortless, visual language learning.

Word by word, Drops helps you learn new vocabulary through fun, fast-paced games with simple mnemonic images.

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iOS: When you're trying to learn a new language (or any other skill), it's often better to study in small, frequent chunks. Drops limits your learning time to just 5 minutes of vocabulary building gameplay a day. Learning new languages is a natural instinct for children, and yet it becomes more difficult as we...
An application that only lets you learn a new language for 5 minutes each day.
28 Alternatives to Language Drops

We are not supermen so we forget what we learned easily, especially for vocabulary. Ulangi is made for you to manage, learn and memorize vocabulary so that you will not likely to forget them. You can add your own vocabulary or discover new ones. This app has a lot of features which are listed at the comment below.

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The answer is Yes and No. Yes: Similar to Anki , Ulangi is for users to manage, learn and memorize vocabulary. Both apps have Spaced Repetition learning technique. Because Ulangi focuses on learning vocabulary only, it also has other features to make learning experience better, such as Quiz mode, built-in dictionary and translation.
Have you ever come across a word multiple times while reading books but you still don't remember what it means? This happened to me a lot and I believe it also happened to you. At that time, I started to find a way to efficiently memorize the words.
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6 Alternatives to Ulangi - Vocabulary Builder & Flashcards
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