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Web hosting on Blockstack

Host static websites or single page apps on Blockstack's Gaia storage. Browse hosted websites using Blockstack name.

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10 Alternatives to XOR

Blockchain technology powers this new internet. With the Blockstack Browser, you’ll be able to access people, communities, apps, and services built on the blockchain from your browser. A gateway to a new, decentralized internet.

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this is currently the most promising decentralised internet company, from what i've heard :)
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To note, Blockstack is actually a browser add-on, not a standalone browser: after you install it, you can load it on Chrome (like what I did in the image above), Firefox or Safari. Its current iteration is pretty empty, and unless you're a hardcore fan of decentralized internet or Silicon Valley , it might not appeal to you just yet.
Instead of Google, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn owning your data, imagine a world in which you control the data about yourself and reveal only what is minimally necessary when required. It would be the web equivalent of proving to a bouncer only that you're older than 21, instead of also handing over your birthdate, address and whether you've elected to be … See more
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Enjin Marketplace is a modern, fast, responsive web app for exploring and trading blockchain assets.

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New blockchain explorer from Enjin which I have gotten very much into over the past few months. I love the ability to see my assets and assets that belong to games so I can figure out how to collect/invest in them. Also great for viewing transactions and exploring addresses. Highly highly highly recommended. If you use Enjin wallet , this is the perfect comp… See more
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To bring an answer to the universal and unprecedented challenges of our century, we have created a free and open source 'Google': Bloom
Currently a suite of productivity apps, it'll be tomorrow the only ecosystem you will need to meet your daily needs.

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