Alternative products to Xobin 2.0

10 alternative and related products to Xobin 2.0

Xobin 2.0
The easiest way to hire the right talent 3x faster
Xobin is an easy-to-use talent assessment software that helps you hire talent 3x faster and cheaper. Xobin's suite of assessment tests covers 500+ Skills across - Coding, Sales, Marketing, Operations and Admin roles.
10 Alternatives to Xobin 2.0

A new service for helping businesses recruit

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The recruitment market is big business - worth some $554 billion annually according to the most recent report from the World Employment Confederation. In the tech world, that translates into a big opportunity to build tools to make a recruiter's work easier, faster and more likely of su...
15 Alternatives to Hire, by Google

Get feedback from job interviews and improve.

1. Add an interview

Add a job interview you’ve had, and we’ll create a unique link that you can send to your interviewer for feedback

2. Send a feedback link

Easily send a feedback link to your interviewer via your favorite app or email

3. Get feedback and master interviews

See what your interviewer thought you did well and where you can improve

10 Alternatives to After Interview

The marketplace where tech companies compete to hire you!

Jamie Gordon
Jamie Gordon
** I have used hired 2 times and got a job, in fact i recently broke a company record by being "hired" within 8 hours of being listed on their platform** This email proves it ->
Rick Sheahan
Rick Sheahan- Software Engineer in Seattle. 🐹❤️
I didn't get a job through this, but it was the least sketchy recruitment entity I have ever encountered. The "case manager" or whatever they call it that I was assigned to was really nice and helpful, and I was glad to be featured on their site.
Tejas Kinger
Tejas Kinger- SaaS Product Marketing @ Freshworks Inc
I think Hired might be a good place to lookout as well.
7 Alternatives to Hired

Codementor Jobs is a developer-friendly job board on the world's largest developer mentoring community. Developers will be able to evaluate career opportunities based on things they care about (such as a reworked Joel Test), and hiring managers will be able to attract the right talent (both senior and junior developers) for their development team.

16 Alternatives to Codementor Jobs

Connect with top remote engineers working in U.S. time zones

TECLA combines AI and expert human screening to match companies and remote candidates by skills, experience, timezone, personality, and more. We have 3,000+ senior tech professionals who work remotely from countries across North, Central, and South America.

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In the first episode of the "Let's Get to Work" podcast series, host Scott Weiss talks with Gino Ferrand, the Founder and CEO of Tecla, about the current and future state of hiring and managing remote workers, primarily software engineers, and how his technology platform is making it easy for companies to find and hire the best talent outside of the US for f… See more
Gino Ferrand is building a company for distributed teams.
10 Alternatives to Tecla
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