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2 reviews

AI scheduled meetings for smarter work days. Just CC or Slack our AI personal assistants (Amy and Andrew), and they’ll automatically schedule your meetings so you can focus on more meaningful work.

Once you connect your calendar and set your preferences, our AI assistants will schedule your meetings with clients, leads, and candidates. 24/7.

Top alternatives for x.ai

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  • Mixmax Calendar

    The fastest way to schedule meetings with anyone, anywhere
  • Clara

    Human-in-the-loop assistant that schedules meetings.
  • Whipnote

    5 reviews

    Never forget what your customers, colleagues, and investors said.

    Whipnote is AI that takes real-time notes on your conference calls 🚀

    So you can follow-up 10x faster and never drop the ball. Perfect for sales, support, market research, user interviews, investor, & team calls.

    I used Whipnote recently on an important conference call with five of us on the line. I was extremely impressed with the notes that Whipnote…

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  • Hera

    17 reviews
    Free options
    Hera is an Inbox for your meetings.
    - Instantly join the next meeting in one keystroke
    - Automatically apply templates to your meetings
    - Mark highlights and next actions in the meeting
    - Export to Notion, Todoist...
  • Meetingbird Meet

    1 review
    The easiest way to schedule a meeting with anyone

    When you create an event from an email, it's a kind of magic : subject, message, all is set and the recipient of the email are automatically…

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  • Clara Labs

    Clara Labs saves you time by scheduling your meetings for you. Simply cc Clara on your email conversations and it will do the rest.

  • Calendly for Chrome

    1 review

    Calendly takes the work out of connecting with others so you can accomplish more. With the new Calendly for Chrome extension, you can add meeting times directly to an email and even override your current schedule—all from your inbox.

    This is awesome. The "regular" calendly flow is great, if you want to leave the choice to the other person, but sometimes you just want to p…

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  • Clara

    Human-in-the-loop assistant that schedules meetings.
  • Clara 2.0

    Human-in-the-loop assistant that schedules meetings.
  • Calendly Mobile

    3 reviews
    Scheduling on the go is more accessible with Calendly’s mobile app for iOS. Have easy access to your scheduling links, view and edit your event types’ settings and monitor upcoming events, all from your mobile phone.

    Good start, I hope to see some more improvements.

  • Mia

    Virtual assistant for meetings
  • Calendar.help

    Delegate the scheduling of your meetings to Cortana by simply cc'ing her. Powered by human and machine intelligence.

  • Vyte for iOS

    Schedule meetings on the go
  • Wisembly Jam

    7 reviews

    Wisembly Jam is a powerful meeting app to improve team collaboration. 💪

    Fewer meetings, better meetings to help you speed up projects delivery, engage your team and spend more time on what really matters.

    👉 Give it a try

    If you run more than a few meetings a week, you definitely should try it!

  • Caspy

    1 review

    Caspy is an AI Personal Assistant for your emails. It helps you foster stronger relationships with important email contacts.

    Just needs more work

  • Plann3r

    Based on personal preferences, travel times, locations and your different calendars, Plann3r will find the best moment to meet in less than 30 seconds.

    Integrates with Google Calendar, iCloud and Office 365.

    Quicker than all the other booking tools. Just hook up your calendar and discover the best moment to meet.

  • Anna Assistant

    3 reviews

    Anna Assistant is AI assistant for Google Chrome, which allows you to do tasks like playing music, sending email, take screenshots, Open and Close websites, Ask directions, Post on twitter and many more features.

    This extension was a needed assistant for chrome so that we don't need to click here and there to get thing done. As i am lazy guy it was re…

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  • LettuceMeet

    1 review

    LettuceMeet (https://lettucemeet.com) is the easiest way to schedule group meetings.

    Instead of having to preselect time blocks, LettuceMeet lets everyone add their availability on a grid so you can see the slot that best overlaps. It also integrates with Google/Outlook calendar, allowing you to view your events when adding your availability.

    Love the punny name, timely as I have a bunch of groupwork coming up. Email Reminders/Updates could be a potential delighter, to see when pe…

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  • Amplemarket

    AI-powered sales assistant
  • PrompterAI

    2 reviews

    Salespeople shouldn't spend time on manual meeting prep work! Based on who's joining and what the meeting is about, PrompterAI compiles a briefing package with LinkedIn profiles, recent news and data from internal tools like CRM and support tickets, etc.

    Everything works via email / slack, and there's no apps to install or settings to update.

    One of the first things I check in the morning is prompterAI's daily summary :)!