Alternative products to WyzeCam

15 alternative and related products to WyzeCam

A $19.99 tiny smart home camera

WyzeCam is a smart home camera designed for, well, whatever you want. It’s easy to find uses for a $20 camera that fits in the palm of your hand, or rests comfortably on just about any surfaceWyzeCam is

15 Alternatives to WyzeCam

The most advanced home security camera ever created

Kate- Head of Social @ GitHub
I backed this Indiegogo campaign a while back and they said they'll be shipping these soon, so hopefully that will happen. According to all of their campaign info, their camera / motion detection system is more advanced than what Canary offers (so it won't send you alerts when there's a light shift from moving blinds or sunset, etc) which is why I originally… See more
Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell- No-coder 👉
This had a pretty good Indiegogo campaign when it was announced! Worth checking out
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Unparalleled AI home security camera

SimCam adopts the Intel deep learning VPU, it can recognize reappearing faces, distinguish between human intruder and pet movement without triggering false alarm. With local storage, it does not only save you from Cloud service fees, but also facilitating data analysis, most importantly, your privacy is guaranteed.

7 Alternatives to SimCam

Home security camera that uses AI to ID people and pets

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The Verge
AI security camera company Lighthouse may have shut down, but its patents will live on: Apple reportedly bought the patent portfolio of the now-defunct company at the end of 2018, according to . As Patently Apple notes, the patents Apple acquired largely deal with using computer vision to scan and recognize faces, including US Patent No.
3 Alternatives to Lighthouse

A discrete home security camera by Panasonic 👀

Meet the HomeHawk FLOOR by Panasonic. It’s a home monitoring camera and ambient light with virtual assistant integration that's a beautiful addition to your decor. Designed as an elegant floor lamp, the discreet eye-level camera keeps an eye on your home from the perfect vantage point. Just plug it in to set up.

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Digital Trends
Panasonic's new HomeHawk floor lamp comes with a smart security camera built in. The lens sits at the top of the stem, just below the light, so you wouldn't even know it's there. Yes, it's a design that may well send a shiver down the spine of Airbnb renters everywhere.
Panasonic is seeking funding for HomeHawk, a new floor lamp that features a built-in camera. The product is billed as an alternative to existing indoor home security cameras, one that blends in with the decor and doesn't require mounting. The lamp offers the same array of security features as many competing models, but with the added benefit of being essenti… See more
The Verge
Earlier this month, Panasonic announced a new home security camera that's integrated into the stem of a floor lamp. The terrifyingly named HomeHawk Floor is designed to be discreet - the whole idea is to let you monitor the inside of your home without the need for obvious cameras everywhere.
5 Alternatives to HomeHawk Floor
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