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Write.as alternatives and competitors

1 review

Write.as takes away distractions, protects your identity, and publicizes your writing.

Start writing now, no sign up required. Or see what our writers have already published.

Top alternatives for Write.as

MicroMRR by MicroAcquire
Free valuations and analytics for your SaaS startup
  • Medium 2.0

    4 reviews
    A new look, app, and features to move thinking forward

    I've loved Medium for a long time - in fact I still hear from people (other authors wanting to link/interview me, prospective clients, etc.)…

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  • Medium 3.0

    9 reviews

    Medium 3.0 is a place to read and write, now with a Partner Program so you can make money sharing your stories.

    Content serves for education, decision, and delight and Medium lives up to this one hundred percent. I love the findability, personalization…

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  • Telegraph

    1 review
    Telegram's answer to Medium

    I have been using Telegraph for some time. I really like to way to write on Telegraph, simple and intuitive. It also has a nice instant vie…

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  • Ghost 1.0

    A new editor, new design and major upgrades
  • IO

    1 review
    A light-weight and powerful editor for authentic writing

    Mainly I wish paragraphs were automatically given sizable spacing between them rather than needing to skip two lines, similar to Medium.

  • Caramella

    4 reviews

    Caramella is a modern, easy and stylish blogging platform (And website maker) that lets you share impressive posts easily! Just drag & drop few widgets into a template, fill it and post!

    Good luck

  • Canvas

    2 reviews

    Canvas is a simple, powerful blog publishing platform. Create your own blog with unparalleled speed and efficiency and share your stories with the world on a beautiful template that didn't take 67 plugins to create. Oh, and did we mention it's free?

    Great for making social media images.

  • Txt.fyi

    The dumbest publishing platform on the web
  • Stream

    3 reviews
    Stream is a micro-journaling app designed to save your most important thoughts and ideas. Saving a thought on Stream is as easy as sending a message to yourself. You can easily share your thoughts from Stream to Twitter.

    I’ve been using it for a few weeks to add little notes that I revisit later

  • Telepost

    2 reviews

    💀️ UPDATE: The project is closed, see this tweet for more details: https://twitter.com/kossnocorp/status/1168802272916201472 💀

    Telepost generates a blog from a Telegram channel

    I was looking for such product since I started my Telegram channel one year ago. Never had discipline to cross post to multiple mediums (Tel…

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  • Sunset

    Sunset is a micro journal that helps you capture your thoughts and stay organized.

    - Write quick entries anytime, anywhere

    - Use happy and sad animations to express your moods and feelings

    - Write entries fast with your own templates

    - Put your entries into sections and subsections by drag-and-drop

    - Customize with your favorite colors, prompts etc

  • Teletype

    1 review
    A platform for creating corporate blogs
  • Eddtor

    1 review

    Does writing more mean writing better? Try Eddtor and find out. Feedback:

    - "Easy."

    - "Simple idea, well implemented"

    - "I found my flow"

    - "My writing is better"

    - "Intriguing writing experience - 2K words in, I'm in love."

    Edit: 22.07.2018 - We just passed the 10.000 Documents Mark on Eddtor

    Keep it up!

  • Writt

    1 review

    Writt lets you make and share notes, right from Telegram.

    Have used this product for few a days now and seems like the thing I always wanted but didn't know.

    You can quickly take notes and say "/d…

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  • Daydip

    Daydip is platform for people to record every day memories of their life.

  • Words Farm

    Words Farm is a simple blogging platform where you can write and publish your thoughts.

  • Zero AM

    Zero AM Journal is a private journal app for windows. Now preserve your memories with this clean UI app. With quick editor feature, you can quickly create the journal entries throughout the day without opening the application.

    More features in the upcoming releases including Cloud Sync, iPhone and Android apps and reminders to name a few.

  • Psst! Anonymous

    Create connections through anonymous content & conversations
  • Thoughty

    Thoughty allows you to share your thoughts anonymously with people all around the world through this app.
    Share Your Thoughts within the following categories:
    -Random Thoughts
    -Motivational Thoughts
    -Shower Thoughts
    -Love Thoughts
  • Fog.sh

    Fog is an open source set of content publishing tools running on the IOTA ledger. Created with blogs and web applications in mind.Fog.sh is