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Stylish instrument for writing productivity and inspiration

3 Alternatives to Write!

Keep your work and distractions under control

Receive the real-time feedback about your work efficiency and the number of distractions.

Manage tasks, keep an eye on your performance and block distracting websites like Facebook, Reddit or Product Hunt to keep your unproductive habits under control.

Kyrylo Taranenko
Kyrylo Taranenko- Co-Founder Y-Productive (CMO)
We made Y-Productive to help people focus on the most important tasks and prevent sidetracking to distractional apps and websites. With the app you can: track work time, provide real-time feedback about your work efficiency, block websites, manage tasks and projects, find out where exactly goes your time and compose productivity reports.
Kyrylo Taranenko
Kyrylo Taranenko- Co-Founder Y-Productive (CMO)
I'm the co-founder of the app. Our users usually compare Y-Productive to RescueTime, but with the much better design. I would say, it's RescueTime+Toggl - the app that helps you not only to track apps/websites but to also get the idea of why you used it with a context of your task. Knowing that it's much easier to organize your workday, balance priorities a… See more
Kyrylo Taranenko
Kyrylo Taranenko- Co-Founder Y-Productive (CMO)
I'm the co-founder of Y-Productive. Users recommend our app because of the simple and easy-to-use UI. You can receive the work performance feedback, manage task and projects, block websites and fight unproductive habits - within the single screen! Here's the video that best describes what Y-Productive is capable of:… See more
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Edward is a web app for writing your first novel. Plan, outline, write and analyze in the app, with the help of tools and goodies like an on-demand dictionary and thesaurus, chapters as tabs, instant chapter search, and side-by-side writing.

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Lehi Free Press
Lehi's Isaac Lyman has created an application to help aspiring novelists overcome some of the pitfalls of writing and finally finish their novel. With his app, called Edward, Lyman hopes to "bring novel writing out of the dark ages. Word processors and sticky notes are woefully inadequate for the challenges of long-form creative writing, yet they're what mos… See more
Minimum Viable Blog
Edward is a web app designed to help aspiring authors write their first book. It all started with a really simple question: what if word processors all suck? Take Microsoft Word, for example. It's a great formatting and layout tool. Remember WordArt?
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A modern cloud workspace for fiction writing & worldbuilding

Benji Smith
Benji Smith- Founder, Shaxpir
Shaxpir is a desktop writing app for Windows and Mac with templates for writing books (fiction and non-fiction), articles, and short stories. Every novel you write in Shaxpir has its own notebook, where you can flesh out the characters, places, and themes of your story. You can create cross-references between notes to keep track of character relationships, … See more
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