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A beautiful home for all your notes.

Top alternatives for Write

Video performance analytics for online media and developers
  • Hemingway Editor 2.0

    3 reviews
    An editor that makes your writing bold and clear

    I use Hemingway Editor as a gut check for all my creative copy. It's never going to replace real eyeballs on your work, but it's a wonderful…

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  • NoteConnect

    NoteConnect is a note-taking app for everyone, from students to programmers, where you can create multiple notes in a notebook and illustrate their relationship by drawing links from note to note.

  • Chars 2

    Chars is a delightful and easy-to-use note-taking app for quickly writing down your thoughts. Then sharing, tweeting, or using them the way you want.

    Also there is built-in special characters keyboard working inside the app or as system-wide keyboard extension.

  • RexPad

    2 reviews

    Write notes, wikis, and to-do lists in a light, clean, and speedy interface. Organize with hierarchies and tags, and find anything with quick search. Share to collaborate in real time with friends and co-workers.

    Tried it and liked it.

  • Perixi

    Perixi is a desktop app designed from the ground up to make it easier to plan your story. Whether you're an author, world-builder, or someone who likes creating, Perixi is designed to bring wiki-like links, images, and markdown-like editing to your process.

  • Snippetnote

    Snippetnote is a note-taking app that makes your snippets easily viewable, accessible, and copy-and-pastable.

    Put any text, emoji, and code you use often (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧