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Transform Chrome into a professional work tool for free

Workona is a better way to work in Chrome

We all work in the browser, but it was never built for work. We’re proud to be taking Workona out of beta this week to address the problem and we hope you enjoy the product!

If you want to keep Product Hunt or another extension on your new tab instead of Workona, visit:

17 Alternatives to Workona

Organize your browser tabs

Rohith Raj
Rohith Raj- Digital Marketer & Technology Enthusiast
One of the best extension!
Vishal Hooda
Vishal Hooda
best extension to manage tabs. my favorite tool i use on chrome to increase productivity.
Menj- Designer & Developer
Very useful extension indeed!🙂
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BetterCloud Monitor
If you constantly have dozens of tabs open in Chrome, here's a solution for you. Try Toby, a Chrome extension that lets you drag and drop your tabs and organize them into neat visual lists. Toby's interface is remarkably clean, simple, and easy to use.
7 Alternatives to Toby

Multrin is a cross-platform app built on top of Electron, that lets you to organize apps in tabs, by just dropping them onto Multrin. It aims to greatly improve your productivity and organization.

If you like it, please leave a star on my Github. I would really appreciate that :)

10 Alternatives to Multrin

Browse websites without opening new tabs

UrlRender allows you to browse websites without opening new tabs.

You can now search with Google Engine and browse sites without opening hundreds of tabs. Just mouse over the desired link, a frame opens and display the website. You will be able to browse and interact with the site.

I hope you'll enjoy! 🤗

Nicolas Laporte
Nicolas Laporte
Try it, you'll do not regret !
Nicolas Laporte
Nicolas Laporte
If you are developer, you know that search something to solve a problem on the internet its like 50% (if not more) of your job time. During this 50% of time, you almost lost 20% of the time while opening new tabs, read vertically the website, close the tab.. you open a new one and so on.. With this extension, you see what you want without opening hundreds o… See more
Nicolas Laporte
Nicolas Laporte
Why opening tabs when you can browse website directly in the search engine ? ;)
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URL RENDER est une extension Chrome qui ne revendique qu'un peu plus de 3 000 utilisateurs sur le chrome web store. Un peu léger quand on mesure l'ingéniosité de l'idée. Rendez-vous sur la page de l'extension dans le magasin de chrome et procédez comme pour toutes les extensions en suivant la manipulation classique que nous vous avons notamment décrite pour … See more
Si vous aussi, vous êtes souvent victime du syndrome de Diogène et que vous vous retrouvez facilement avec plus d'une quinzaine d'onglets ouverts quand vous faites une recherche, URL Render peut vous être utile.
8 Alternatives to UrlRender

Quickly find your lost tabs across all opened windows.

I open too many tabs on my chrome and it gets hard to find one in particular.

Thats why I got the idea of a searching by title across all opened tabs, and quickly get into the one I need, without missing 10 times.

Once installed, you can click on the icon or use the keyboard shortcut.

This is my 1st post in PH.

Let me know what you think!


10 Alternatives to wquicktabs

Manage browser tabs and bookmarks with ease

Jonathan James
Jonathan James- Always Reaching.
IF you tightly organize your browser surfing sessions tab-for-tab THEN I suggest @session_buddy... By simply right-clicking on any page in Chrome you can save your current browser session.. @session_buddy saves the current entire set of tabs making them easily exportable and retrievable using TEXT, CSV, MARKDOWN, HTML, or JSON formatting. As your brains… See more
Vinit Agrawal
Vinit Agrawal- Co-Founder at Tars (
I've been using this for a while. What I realized about my behavior is that I don't want to miss reading anything that I think might be useful. Whether I am able to achieve that is different story. In any case, this little chrome extension helps me keep track of everything that I have opened in my browser, EVER. Which are exactly all the things that I think … See more
Kesava Mandiga
Kesava Mandiga- Curious cat. Writer. Explorer.
Lifesaver for compulsive clickbait clickers like me. It autosaves my tabs so I can always go back and lookup that one article I found a year ago.
18 Alternatives to Session Buddy

Elegant tab search, selection and beyond.

Inspired by Spotlight. Keyboard-focused but mouse friendly too. Open source.


📌 Lists tabs in order of recency by default, then fuzzy search by title or URL;

📌 Search recently closed tabs;

📌 Search all bookmarks.


CTRL+SPACE (Windows)


23 Alternatives to Saka

Search Google, YouTube, Wikipedia, Amazon, IMDb from a new tab. Add as many sites as you want;

Search favorite sites from browser's address bar when you type "io" (without quotes) and press Space or Tab;

Use the right-click context menu to search for selected text on favorite sites;

Accurate and detailed 5-day weather forecast.

8 Alternatives to ioSearch
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