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Ellen Kruijzen- Nightlife Evangelist at Loop
With our startup, we're a team of 3 people who often remote from home. Some tips that have helped us as a team: - Always set a status (at home, sick, commuting) so you know where everyone is + it also helps to know if they're able to answer quickly. - Make sure to use different channels (we use marketing, website, fulfilment, product, ...) - Work with me… See more
Mario Lazaro- Co-Founder @ Ember Fund
Slack is simple, extremely fast and reliable. I use it every day to communicate with my team. Before it we were using Hipchat (Atlassian product) ... and there is no comparison. Slack wins. Use it with Trello and you have all the basic tools you need to manage/talk/discuss the project with your team
Mike Coutermarsh- Code @ GitHub
Maybe the obvious answer. But I think Slack's the best option here. For small projects I like it in coordination with Trello. Makes communication/keeping on the same page very easy.
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Basecamp 3

The best version of Basecamp ever made

Arturo Ojeda- Founder at
It's a bootstrapped company with huge success, and not only that, they are also awesome at giving back to the community, they gave us Ruby on Rails, Stimulus, Pow, etc. (check the whole list here They created awesome books like Rework, Remote and Getting Real. And of course, the product is awesome, we replaced Slack wit… See more
Deneke O'Reilly- Founder, PoolSpark
Ease. of. Use. It's very easy to understand and it makes collaboration fun.
Chris McIntyre- Founder, Southern Made
Great access controls, easy notifications, and everyone is on the same page.
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