Alternative products to #wordup

7 alternative and related products to #wordup

Your words in Augmented Reality

#wordup is the quickest way to add AR words into your photos and videos

7 Alternatives to #wordup

An Augmented Reality globe used to learn about all countries

Augmented-Reality based globe for the generation of tomorrow.

This one-of-a-kind globe is your child’s ticket to travel the world & absorb endless knowledge at the tap of a finger.

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Orboot is an augmented reality experience with a physical globe and mobile app. We first saw the project on Kickstarter, which got fully funded. Play Shifu is now making the Orboot experience available to anyone. The idea of mixing a physical and digital experience to learn something is becoming more popular and in my opinion a much more engaging way for chi… See more
Geography is cool, whatever middle-schoolers say. In fact, the only thing cooler is augmented reality. So what if I told you there was a gadget that combined these two cool things into one?! It's called the Orboot, and it actually looks like it would be a lot of fun, provided your classroom is nice...
7 Alternatives to Orboot

A new instrument for people to communicate with AR

Arnament is a brand new fun social based app with Augment Reality elements. Arnament allows you to leave a real stamp in AR World.

Your friends can see it using their smartphones like a pass to invisible reality.

• For communication and entertainment

• For art and self-expression

• For business and advertising

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