Woodpecker - Language Learning alternatives and competitors

Woodpecker is a streaming video player with features designed to help you improve your foreign language skills. Use our awesome bilingual dictionaries to look up words and interact with video subtitles and web pages. Our dictionaries are free, work offline and have no ads.

Top Woodpecker - Language Learning alternatives
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  • Fluently is an online text editor with a multilingual translator, dictionary, and thesaurus built-in — all text editing and translating features in one simple tool.
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  • Lingvist uses machine learning to adapt to you based on what you know and to level-up your language learning power with trackable progress. Try it today and boost your knowledge! Learn French, Spanish, German, Russian – or English from one of 12 different languages.

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    I've tested the "learn english from french" part, this application is really great for learning vocabulary.

  • Flowlingo helps you learn a language by immersing you in popular TV, news, videos, blogs, and more.

    If you don’t know a word or phrase, just tap it. Flowlingo will tell you what it means and automatically create a flashcard for future practice.

    22 languages are available.

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    Will use for the next couple of weeks and share my feedback. But great stuff! :)

  • Mondly

    Play your way to a new language
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  • Lingvo TV

    Learn languages while watching movies on Netflix.
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  • Magiclingua is the first language learning app built for the tongue, not for the thumb.

    🎬 Understand grammar with video tutorials from our teachers

    🤖 Converse with an AI-powered voice-bot without fear or embarrassment

    🙋 Book video chats and practice what you’ve learned with native tutors

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    I begin to learn German with Magiclingua and it's really addictive. You really want to pass to the next step and discover new videos and get…

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  • Duolir

    Stories with subtitles to improve your language skills
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  • The FlashSticks App

    Helps you pronounce any foreign language word, perfectly
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  • - 50+ languages in 1 app
    - High-quality audio from native speakers
    - Fun quizzes & flashcards
    - Check the meaning word-by-word
    - Learning tracker
    - Flexibility: mark as Favorite, review, switch languages, adjust voice speed
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  • Influent

    If you're learning a new language, Influent makes the process of vocabulary acquisition and pronunciation a fun and engaging process by gamifying a traditionally rote process. Influent features ~500 words with native audio recordings in 18 different languages!
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  • Lingbe 2

    What’s inside:
    💥 A free app to practice any language you are interested in
    🤝 A new community to exchange language learnings
    💬 Make calls instantly
    🔮 Level-up your language skills with native speakers
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  • Lingo Journal

    Learning a language is a fascinating journey, but not always an easy one. In order to achieve fluency, we need to practice often, and in as many different ways as possible. Lingo Journal help you set goals, establish learning habits, and track your efforts.
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  • Mudrakshar

    Free options
    Learn to identify, write/trace and pronounce Devanagari alphabets with audio/video animated assistive writing.
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  • WordsTool allows custom-built vocabulary practice. Fill in fully editable word cards. Receive various exercises based on your cards. Manage the way you practice by choosing the exercises you like and scheduling your learning process.
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  • This app is a great way to learn foreign words in a simple and fun way. The memorization app uses standard and familiar emoticons.
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