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Gusto makes payroll, benefits, and HR refreshingly easy.

Gusto launched 20+ new features to make payroll, benefits, and HR even easier. Gusto now offers HSAs, FSAs, and commuter benefits; more customizable payroll reports; and friendly new hire onboarding, offer docs, and org charts. Gusto also launched three product plans, so businesses can choose the features that they need as they grow.

Sam Bahreini
1000% Gusto, I've used them all, Gusto is living in 2022, and the other are still stuck in the 90's.
Tejas Kinger- SaaS Product Marketing @ Freshworks Inc
Gusto for payroll processing. One of the simplest tools out there that scales with you.
Edward Shepard
I don't know the cost of Gusto, but our team uses it and it truly is a great service.
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Celebrate your people

Disco helps your team recognize one another's contributions, big and small, and quantifies that feedback to keep your culture on track.

All Turtles
Today we're excited to announce a new product launched from the All Turtles studio: Disco. Disco is an employee engagement tool that makes it easy to recognize contributions large and small across your company.
The Tim Sackett Project
Today, Disco launches an AI-based communication platform that enables workers to recognize fellow employees as they work by giving them kudos and micro-feedback on their tasks and efforts. Disco helps companies motivate the 68% of disengaged employees, while also rewarding those who are contributing to a positive company culture.
Business Insider
Disco, a startup partnered with Evernote cofounder Phil Libin's young artificial intelligence studio All Turtles, released its product to paying customers Tuesday. The product tracks positive language within office chat apps like Slack and Microsoft Teams, and then aggregates the comments into positive feedback reports for employees, managers, and executives… See more
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Social network for building workplace communities

Heyroom is a visual interface for office social life, which helps companies build a stronger community in the workplace.

We are offering an exclusive Beta launch for Product Hunt. Choose waitlist and add “producthunt” – and you’ll be one of the first invited. If you choose the promo plan, you also get a year of Heyroom for free!

Heyroom is launching a visual interface for office life which helps companies build stronger communities in the workplace. As discussed in our previous post, building and maintaining a workspace community is a complex and multifaceted challenge. Firstly, there is the question of how healthy sociability at the workspace can be facilitated, maintained, and pro… See more
Joining a new office environment is a miserable experience. The sea of faces, each of whom expects you to remember their name if you manage to strike up a conversation. The fear of doing anything apart from work, before you've passed probation.
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