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Wolfprint 3D

A 3D scanner to create realistic avatars of people for VR

Wolfprint 3D is creating realistic 3D avatars of people for VR and games. Our first product is an automatic 3D scanning booth that allows anyone to create a truly realistic avatar of themselves easily.

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Open source 3D. Free to use for any purpose, forever.

Ilya Radchenko- Web App Developer, AppGeo
It's free. Start there and you'll be able to pick up other software. The most important things to learn are modeling, texturing, composition, and lighting.
thomas ross- Startup analyser and investor
For modeling, I would say Blender is far and away the best free option. Blender also includes powerful sculpting, animation, UV mapping, physics, programming, post production and rendering tools. Nearly everything Modo, Maya or 3DS Max can do, Blender can do just as well.
The user interface is terrible, but the amount of functionality in this free package is off the charts. Also, suitable for converting 3D models into the DAE format needed for ARKit.
6 Alternatives to Blender

MR Builder is a new way for architects, 3D designers and constructors to visualize 3D models.

MR Builder allows to demonstrate and interact with your 3D models in Hololens. Just a couple of clicks in almost any 3D editor, like 3dsMax, Revit, SketchUp and others and you ready to go

Look from a someone inside the market about the situation we're in. In the past, investors or buyers interested in purchasing a property off-plan relied on an artist's rendering or perhaps a promotional video to get an idea of the finished product.
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