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Wokamon for Apple Watch alternatives and competitors

Tamagotchi meets fitness tracking, on your wrist
Top Wokamon for Apple Watch alternatives
The platform to replace your homegrown importer
  • Nomi

    Meet Nomi, a pet for your Apple Watch that you keep alive with your movement and exercise.
  • Animar 2.0

    We are pleased to announce the launch of brand new Animar with great new features!
    *Rescue wild animals from circus
    *Explore the world through the animal dreams in video format
    *Meditate with animals and improve your health
    *Play in 3D with gorgeous interiors
  • Thunderpod

    Thunderpod is aimed at making fitness fun and effortless. Our app uses 3D characters to represent your lifestyle. All you have to do is achieve simple personalized goals to get your pod stronger! You can then compete with your friends & family in fun challenges to win coins which can be redeemed on exciting deals.

    It makes you get out of your lazy mode and motivates you to go ahead and walk.

  • Fitness RPG

    Fitness Fantasy is a fitness RPG game powered by your step count. Train a team of heroes as you exercise, and embark on the journey of becoming the new best you!

  • Flipper Zero

    Flipper Zero is a portable opensource and customizable multi-tool device for pentesters and geeks in Tamagotchi body. It loves to hack digital stuff around such as radio protocols, access control systems, hardware and more.
  • YrBFF

    A virtual pet for your Apple Watch from BuzzFeed!