Alternative products to Whurthay

5 alternative and related products to Whurthay


Find where your next potential customer is from

Whurthay lets you track who visited your website/blog, from which part of the world and the time of their visit. Using the Conversion optimisation model, once you identify your niche market. You can target the people in the geography, where they are already showing interest. In the end, this will drive more customers and website traffic. Start free

5 Alternatives to Whurthay
Tejas Kinger
Tejas Kinger- SaaS Product Marketing @ Freshworks Inc
Session replay would allow to actually see and playback how visitors interact with your site.
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we focussed on building a CRO suite that had all the tools in one place. An integrated approach will help solve 3rd party implementation hassles which customers face. Secondly, we made implementation and experimenting simpler.
3 Alternatives to Session Replay by Zarget

Chrome extension rings the bell when you have a new visitor

Receive a *DING* every time someone visits your site. Ideal for boosting the mood if you are a young startup that has just launched it's website.

- rings the bell every time you have a new website visitor;

- shows the number of real-time active users next to the icon.

7 Alternatives to Startup Bell

Convert your website visitors into happy paying customers

Ralph Martin
Ralph Martin- Product Manager - Zoho SalesIQ
Live Chatting made Simple! Zoho SalesIQ have crossed the barrier, its an omni-channel prospect and customer engagement platform for websites and mobile apps. Let's look into the benefits of SalesIQ: 1. Efficient and customisable Zobot: Zobot is a custom bot building platform. With which, one can build powerful bots which are deeply programmable, contextua… See more
Kirish Raj
Kirish Raj
My pick is for SalesIQ. Zoho is a trusted brand and has many apps to run your entire business online that covers CRM, email, books, email campaigns and so on. So it makes sense to work with one single vendor where all apps easily integrate with each other than having to worry about integration between different vendors or pay for services like Zapier. Also… See more
Ambi- Head of partner development | Growth
Good tool for engaging with your website visitors. Recently we launched a highly customizable, integrable, and versatile bot platform too.
6 Alternatives to SalesIQ by Zoho
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