Alternative products to Whodini

5 alternative and related products to Whodini


What if you never knew who sent the message?

5 Alternatives to Whodini

A simple app to say "yo" to friends

Alban JAMESSE- E-commerce manager.
Because, when you think, you can do everything with Yo. (Not a joke). Yo app and his API are endless, it's an open door on everything you can do with web, automation, robotics, … (Except produce text, but you can produce photos and videos). Just with button(s).
4 Alternatives to Yo

Snapchat with military-grade encryption

Daniel Singer
Daniel Singer- X6 Fleet Manager at @pandastartup 🐼
I heard they used this at Uber for discussing sensitive topics. Must be pretty secure. Also their founder always wears sunglasses as to never have her face photographed. 🤷‍♂️
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