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6 alternative and related products to Who Is My Voice

Who Is My Voice

Did your representatives accept contributions from the NRA?

6 Alternatives to Who Is My Voice

The lobby for the rest of us

LawMaker is a platform to take all of us beyond petitions by allowing every voter to take the floor and build coalitions for policies that improve lives. We believe passionately in this country’s promise, and our goal is to support that potential by creating technology that increases accessibility, transparency, and accountability within our government at all its levels.

7 Alternatives to LawMaker

Chance to save lives. Mobile alerts for your gun safe & more

Cool new way to monitor your stuff. I would love to know if other people are snooping through my stuff when I’m gone.

Duo is a sensor that uses light, motion and a cell modem to send instant alerts when any space is triggered. It can help reduce accidents and identify theft.

Think this could help a lot of people. Check it out at

Around the web - Survival Blog by MD Creekmore
When Brady Simpson the founder of SIMTEK remote safe sensor contacted me regarding this innovative product I hesitated. Honestly, my first thoughts were, " this is one of those electronic safeguards that will slow me down." And then I listened to what he had to say, it isn't a safeguard meant to slow you down, but purely to alert you!
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