Alternative products to WeTransfer for Mac

6 alternative and related products to WeTransfer for Mac

WeTransfer for Mac
Simple menu bar tool for sharing files from your Mac
6 Alternatives to WeTransfer for Mac

Share large files online, encrypted for free

Firefox Send lets you send large files, up to 1gb completely for free and encrypted

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Firefox Send has exited beta and is no longer an experiment. The service allows you to send download links that are set to automatically expire after a certain period of time, or after a set number of people have downloaded them.
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Record videos/GIFs from the menu bar, with all new features!

Joe Martin
Joe Martin- VP @CloudApp I Former Lead @Adobe
I used this a TON when I was managing a large remote team at Adobe. It was helpful to share visuals back and forth for on boarding, and showing where to pull a report as well as exec comms.
Joe Martin
Joe Martin- VP @CloudApp I Former Lead @Adobe
Homer pick... used it A LOT at Adobe then joined the team. Was perfect for exec comms, remote team management, and reducing iterations with design teams.
Sutrishna Saha
Sutrishna Saha- Digital Marketing Manager
Most of the time, this doesn't work. I have experienced it couple of times.
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4 Alternatives to CloudApp

Powerful configurations for macOS

Almighty is a convenient and easy to use macOS menu bar application that exposes powerful configurations for your mac

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Running a Mac should be a hassle-free experience. However, they're not immune to issues and MacOS' system monitor isn't that great to just glance at your overall system health. Check out these Mac Menu Bar System Tools Apps: Contents (click to display) Status bar Mac application to overcome time constrained WiFi networks.
4 Alternatives to Almighty
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