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Wellness alternatives and competitors

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Wellness is a mood and medication tracking app that syncs with Apple Health to provide a complete picture of your physical and mental health. Quickly log your mood, add notes, and schedule check-ins during the day. Track medications and vitamins, schedule when to take them and get feedback on your adherence.

Top alternatives for Wellness

  • Gyroscope 2.0

    Gyroscope 2.0 introduces our new Places tracking, a better replacement for the Moves integration.

    • New Places tracking feature for detecting visits & travels

    • New tool to import your Moves export

    • New analytics & zoomable maps

    • New Pro features like Passport & City Heatmap

    • New detailed view for any day in your history

    Been using Gyroscope since '15 and I love it to bits. Really excited to see how the Places feature evolves, been using it in Beta for a whil…

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  • Journaly

    The customisable journal app
  • Stigma

    A daily journal to be happier and more self-aware
  • Misu

    Misu automatically tracks your mood via facial micro-expressions intermittently throughout the day. Misü helps you learn how apps and websites impact your mental health. Misü is like a Fitbit for your mood, that works on your Mac today.
  • Physio Health

    Stay healthy, get rewards.
  • LifeViewer 2.1

    1 review
    Many of us make to-do lists, use calendar apps, habit trackers, set reminders, write down notes, schedule meetings. These products are great, but normally these are 3-5 apps we need to have. Let's do it all in one app, Productivity Super App ✅🗓⏱🍏📝🤝💡📲
  • Nokia Health Mate

    Total health tracking: activity, heart rate, weight, sleep
  • Pillar

    6 reviews
    Free options
    Pillar makes credible coaching accessible from providers accredited w/ the National Board of Medical Examiners, trained in an evidence-based approach to support the connection between your mental agility and physical health (sleep, nutrition, and stress).
  • Purposefinder

    3 reviews

    Purposefinder is a self-improvement tool unlike anything going around.

    We've taken core aspects from western psychology, neuroscience, eastern philosophy, and business strategy to create one of the most powerful tools to unleash your potential.

    Great place to learn more about yourself and explore yourself though interesting tracks and guides!

  • Lemoon

    Lemoon supports you during your antidepressant treatment and afterward. Track your mood and see how it progresses with insightful stats. Create reminders for your different medication and track possible side-effects.
  • iRewardHealth

    iRewardHealth is a simple tool for companies to create an authentic and approachable culture of health. With this release, we are focused on being accessible to startups and small businesses. Employers can create rewards their employees will love, and help motivate their people to take small daily steps toward being healthier.

    Proud of Rick and the entire team at iRewardHealth - they've been signing us customers everywhere including the city of Boston for health co…

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  • Wellnest

    Use your voice (or type) to respond to prompts on topics like imposter syndrome or productivity, complete mood check-ins, and personalize your journal in the shop!
  • Exist

    1 review

    Exist makes your personal data useful. We find trends, insights, and correlations in your data to help you understand and change (if you want to!) your habits.

    Exist.io is the tool I use to monitor my life and help me iterate over myself.

    Its main selling point is its use of correlations between your…

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  • Aloe App

    Remembering to take care of yourself isn't always that easy
  • Oura Ring Gen3

    1 review
    Payment required
    Oura Ring Gen3 tracks more than just sleep. With triple the sensors, Gen3 unlocks your daytime heart rate and gives you personalized insights, 24/7.
  • Ivy

    2 reviews
    Ivy is a place where authenticity matters most. With Ivy, you can share a real and authentic version of yourself with your friends by publicly sharing your daily intentions.
  • Daydip

    Daydip is platform for people to record every day memories of their life.

  • Fitmeal

    Keeping a food diary doubles weight loss. Studies found that the simple act of writing down what you eat encourages people to consume fewer calories.

  • Tablets

    Whether you’re tracking caffeine, daily vitamins, prescription medication, or anything else, Tablets makes it easy to input your use and track it over time. Monitoring your medicine isn't just for the doctor's office.
  • YouHue

    A fun new way to ask "How are you?"