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Web Scraper
Web site data extraction tool ⚒️

Web Scraper is a web site data extraction tool ⚒️

9 Alternatives to Web Scraper

Extract structured data and visualize it without code

Parsers is a browser extension for extracting structured data from sites and their visualization without code. You need to click on the data on the site and start the process. After the process is over, you can see the analyzed data on the charts and download the structured data in the required format (Excel, xml, csv) or get by API.

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Scraper is a tool to extract data from websites. Web scraper extract the necessary information and save it in a local file on your computer or transferred via API. Scrapers can be used for various Read more
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Scrape the web, sans manual scripting is a data extractor that requires no coding. In only a few clicks a website is transformed into a machine-readable data a.k.a. Web scraping. Get the information you need - comparison between the web pages, monitoring or just point and click for data extraction.

Ryan Hoover
Ryan Hoover- Founder, Product Hunt
You can use for this! It's fairly flexible and allows you to go as far as creating an API via web scraped content.
Tyler Hayes
Tyler Hayes- Bebo
It's not perfectly intuitive but it's always my go-to for scraping when I don't/can't write a script.
Ryan Hoover
Ryan Hoover- Founder, Product Hunt
Import is slick. Use its WYSWYG editor to select elements of the page/site you want to track and it'll turn it into an API you can use elsewhere.
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Scalable Web Data Extraction Software & Services

Our new "Chrome Builder" is in open beta! Try it out.

Mozenda automates data collection from the web and converts unstructured data into usable data sets by using a point-and-click interface.

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Greetings, data scrapers - in today's tutorial I'm going to show you how to monitor retail prices to give you a competitive edge. Feel free to watch the video as you follow along with this article: See more
Mozenda + XT Outfitters I met Paul Barker for the first time early this year and we spent some time discussing his experience with Mozenda and how important automated web scraped data is to his thriving eCommerce business. I was blown away by what Paul has created over the years to become a...
Mozenda + AIMSOL Mozenda helps synthetic lubricant pioneer AMSOIL Inc. compete against much larger brands such as Mobil, Pennzoil, Shell, Castrol, and Valvoline. From e-commerce operations and product merchandising to retail planning, ready access to unstructured web data helps Amsoil regularly solve a variety of strategic and tactical challenges.
Over more than a decade, Aimclear has developed a sterling reputation for its audience targeting and customer acquisition expertise. The Duluth, MN digital marketing agency specializes in creating search personas and aggregating social-psychographic data it uses to develop campaigns that target, track, and convert profitable audience segments for its custome… See more
The vast majority of data collected every year rarely secures an audience beyond the community of researchers, analysts, policymakers, academics and statisticians responsible for gathering it, or those particularly interested in its significance. It's a bit of a shame really because there is a ton of data analysis that would otherwise interest those in the..… See more
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It's a note we've struck on more than one occasion: the importance of data in the modern era of digital marketing can't possibly be overstated. Of course, there are a lot of buzzwords out there - and a lot of confusion about what to do when there's a dearth of data.
Mobile Marketing Watch
Utilizing data in the formulation and execution of a marketing campaign is vitally important today. But while the practice of using data is widely understood, the process of acquiring data isn't. Thanks to a new infographic from the data scraping specialists at Mozenda, the often confusing web scraping process is broken down in a simple ...
If you need to get web data but don't know where to start, our Web Scraping 101 webinar is the perfect opportunity to learn the foundations. We've helped our clients scrape over 7 billion web pages so we know everything you need to know to be successful.
Analysis of the recovery periods of NBA players who suffered similar injuries suggests that Celtics stars Gordon Hayward and Kyrie Irving could return for the NBA Finals should Boston advance. Hayward's return, in particular, would be enthusiastically welcomed by Celtics fans who only a year ago were celebrating their team's win in the so-called "Gordon...
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