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10 alternative and related products to Waves Insights

Waves Insights

Consumer Insights SDK for Messaging Platforms

Waves is a software solution providing valuable insights on current market trends. 📈

We leverage the power of messaging to do market research on top of various platforms just a Facebook Messenger, Viber, Kik, Telegram & many more.

🌊 Easily integrate with Chatfuel or your self-coded chatbot.

📈 Engage, understand and learn more about your customers/users/audience.

👉🏻 Go and get started!

10 Alternatives to Waves Insights

Identify the software used on the websites you visit

Celik Nimani
Celik Nimani- Entrepreneur & Product Developer
One of the best tools for web developers. Get to know the tech stack behind a website instantly. And you can also see additional information on their website if you hit one of the tech stacks from the plugin.
José Adan
José Adan- IT Consultant, Front-End Developer
Best tool for web developers.
Mohammed Ridwan
Mohammed Ridwan- Software Engineer @ShopifyPlus.
Incredibly useful to see what front end stacks sites are using sometimes :)
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Find out what technology top site and competitors are using

Imrat Jn
Imrat Jn- Affiliates Anonymous
Great source of info and way of finding sites using certain categories. I use the alerting feature to see which sites are starting to use certain tech, like Apple Pay for example. I believe it is not bot / spider based like most other tools - rather it uses the data for a ton of browser extensions that real users use to surf the web.
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