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Top WaterMinder alternatives
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  • Waterful is a fresh take on water reminder apps. With multiple healthy challenges to take, friendly notifications to follow & our cute octopus to keep you company, staying hydrated becomes fun.
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  • 7 Minute Workout

    Scientific 7 Minute Workout app for Apple Watch
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  • Water is a beautiful & easy to use app which keeps track of your water intake. Share your wake up and sleep time, daily goal and average drink size. Water will remind you at regular intervals to ensure you reach your daily hydration goal. Share your daily wins with friends and inspire a few more!

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    good job !

  • Hydrate [Beta]

    A water intake app for iOS
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  • LaVie

    LaVie converts tap water to pure, high-quality water in 15 minutes. No filter is needed. Based on a process inspired by nature. It uses a patented UV-A light technology that breaks down the chlorine molecule, releasing powerful free radicals that will destroy bacteria and viruses, pesticides and traces of drugs, taste and odors.

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  • 100% mountain water from the Austrian Alps | Aluminum cans are the most sustainable beverage container by virtually every measure | 7.9 pH (Naturally Alkaline) | Electrolytes & Minerals | Non-Carbonated | Instantly Decapitates Your Thirst | #DeathToPlastic

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    Great to see an edgy alternative to other packaged water

  • Pee & See

    Pee & See is a simple water reminder app. It doesn't need to know when you drink water or how much you drink. Instead, just tap one button every time you go to the bathroom!

    When you haven't peed for 3 hours you'll get a reminder to drink water (except at night).

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  • *Update* Shipping now on our website!

    Hydrant is a simple hydration mix designed to combat the dehydration we experience through modern routines. It has minimal ingredients to get the maximum function and flavor, with no artificial colors or flavors, and no diet sweeteners.

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    Received a sample and got to test it out. Convenient way to get hydrated fast and felt a lot more clear headed. Will reco this to other folk…

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  • Aloe Bud for iOS is a self-care pocket companion

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    I've had my eye on this app for awhile due to it's visuals and overall concept. Self care and mental health are very important to me and it'…

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  • Plant Nanny²

    Plant Nanny² keeps track of how much water you drink -- each glass also waters the app’s plants so you both can thrive! Every day you can collect and take care of little plants to get hydrated and grow together!

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  • Waterlytics

    Waterlytics is an app to track your daily hydration. Based on your body measurements, your age and your activity level Waterlytics calculates your personal daily goal. The app reminds you to stay hydrated & motivates you to reach your daily goal & earn awards.
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  • 1 Gallon a Day

    Drink a gallon a day. It's easy.
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  • Drip

    Drip is a simple way to log the water you drink. No account required, no annoying reminders, no excessive charts; just record each glass of water and get on with your life. Recording a drink is as simple as opening the app or widget and hitting a single button.

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  • Autowater helps prevent the spread of germs and lowers water consumption at home. It is easy to install and looks elegant in most settings with its beautiful aluminum casing. Autowater’s motion sensor night light makes it easy to get water in the dark. Its powerful battery can be charged magnetic and lasts 8-12 months per charge.

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    Seems like these will be standard in homes based on all of the benefits, and their current adoption on public faucets

  • Hydrate NOW

    We send you incessant push notification reminding you to hydrate while you are drinking 🌊

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  • Drink Water Reminder

    Drink Water Reminder, will help you keep fit,stay hydrated and lose weight.
    Motivate you to drink water regularly, help you develop drinking habit, increase your efficiency and vitality, keep your body in healthy condition, release stress.
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  • mymizu

    Use mymizu to refill your water bottle wherever you are. Find your nearest water fountain or eco-friendly shop or cafe from our crowdsourced database to stay hydrated without the single-use plastic; discovering new places & reducing plastic bottle consumption!
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  • Mayu

    Mayu brings beautiful, healthy, personalized mineral water,

    tailored to the user’s nutritional needs and taste.

    Mayu disrupts the “filtration only” concept by adding aeration and mineralization,

    the next two vital stages in creating truly healthy water like nature does.

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  • The Water Intake Reminder & Tracker reminds you to drink water and keeps you hydrated.

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    Water Intake is a water tracker and reminder app that reminds you to drink water on time.

    Do you drink enough water daily? Do you mostly forg…

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  • Watermaniac

    We may not think of it, but water can have a large impact on our overall and day-to-day health. As I’m sure you may know, it is important to hydrate regularly in order to preserve adequate mental and physical functions.

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